Sunday, April 9, 2017

What has Mengo done for #Buganda, #Uganda lately?

Buganda should stop being fooled by Mengo establishment. Buganda has not gained anything at all but only those at Mengo pretending to represent our interests are gaining at the expense of our people. Buganda demands to know the investigations into the inferno that gutted Masiro and it is the responsibility of Peter Mayiga to inform Buganda regarding the progress of the investigations.

We need to know the progress of rebuilding the Masiro since Peter Mayiga made it our business by asking us to contribute towards the reconstruction of Masiro. If Mengo cannot tackle our problems, then we should be allowed to elect the Katikiro without the interference from the central government. Why did Katikiro Dan Mulika forced out? Was it because he was determined to represent our interests head on?

Land grabbing in Buganda has become rampant and Mengo is quiet, poverty, joblessness, tear gas, Kiboko squad, floods, in all Mengo is missing in action. We demand answers and more voices will be heard against Mengo establishment. Why did Museveni pick Buganda minister to serve in Museveni's regime and under what circumstances did Museveni pick that particular minister if Mengo is not in bed with NRM?

Museveni is not a friend of Buganda, never been and never will. He criticized Obote for being lenient to Buganda for not tackling Buganda land issues. Museveni said that Obote did not sort out Buganda land because the British gave chunks of lands to Buganda unfairly and as president under Museveni, Buganda has suffered land grabbing the most compared to previous governments and Mengo goes on its business as usual.

Why are our children now grown into men still in prison after the 2009 riots? What is really going on here? Museveni has given amnesty to Kony's rebels that allegedly killed and maimed thousands of innocent Ugandans in the North but those that were arrested in 2009 for defending Kabaka's freedom are still rotting in Luzira prison and what does Peter Mayiga have to say about their release? Buganda is tired of singing and praising Mengo while we go to bed without food and we demand action and explanations as to what happened to Masiro investigations. Buganda, do you hear me? It is time we started asking Mengo where its alliance is. Let’s make Buganda and Uganda great again. Museveni must go.


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