Saturday, April 8, 2017

We are all Stella Nyanzi and TVO #Uganda @StateHouseUg @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye

When I grow up, I want to be like SPAN and  Stop the madness.
Maybe I will be like TVO.  He terrifies the regime.
I could also be Shaka who gets arrested for being TVO,
Perhaps I could be like Dr. Stella Nyanzi who pisses off everyone with a small vagina.
It is possible that I could be Mother Theresa of Calcutta who chose poverty so that she could feed and care for the poor.
The likelihood of me being Obama are slim since he tells off Dictators point blank.
There is the possibility of also being a medical doctor who saves lives with no equipment, medicine or salary save for the love of God after having done a 36hr shift.
Teaching is also rather attractive to shape minds of young littles to teach them about compassion.
What is fascinating is Theology where I could set up a big church and rip off my congregation and sell them 77 DOGS or Holly Rice.

Maybe a witch or prophetess that calls up the president to demand for why the body of my husband is still lying in the street after an array of bullets and then promise to have the killers come crawling to declare they done the deed.
But when I grow up, I truly want to be a General who commands an army of The People For The People against Oppression.  
We all make a big mistake not to demand for the release of Dr. Stella Nyanzi because we are next.  In solidarity, I am going to flow my nudes so that you know SEX sales.
Where are all the political leaders, women in parliament who actually look like PIGS given that they eat  too much #Handshake on a fellow woman being arrested on bogus charges?
Where are the religious leaders who preach in the day and lay the enemy in the dark?
Where are all the media which publishes trash like Shisha and not Kasese or this story which is now Global?
Where are the people in the police force and intelligence forces who did not know that we know about State Research Bureau and how they killed Kaweesi?
Where are all the mothers with kids as single parents?
Where are the men who love and respect intelligent women?
Where are all the Kings who know very well that their palaces are gonna be bombed?
The thunder which is going to hit you is sitting on the fence watching you all before it strikes.
Martha Leah Nangalama
#AprilRevolution.  Maybe I will just be me because I found who I was always looking for.

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