Thursday, April 13, 2017

Us #Ugandans are a special kind of STUPID @StateHouseUg @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye

Why we are STUPID is when dictator President Gen. Yoweri Museveni was killing people in Acholi, we did not care because we were not Acholi (anyanya according to him).
We watched him destroy all the work of President Dr. Milton Obote and the work of President Gen. Iddi Amin and we said nothing because we did not think that destroying parastatals would render many unemployed and turn us into slaves.  Now His Disohourable Ruhakana Rugunda says we should go to the Middle East to clean floors and wash dishes after getting a degree.  AND he destroyed health care too.
We watched all hospitals and health centres fall apart and we said nothing because we never get sick until when we see high profile people fundraise for money to go get treatment abroad. How many of us can even afford it?
We watched Education get destroyed and we said nothing because we can all put our kids in Namilyango and Namagunga.  How many of you can afford these schools?
We watched UTC and Uganda commuter trains get destroyed.  We did not care because we can all afford cars to drive to work and to the schools of our little monsters.  Remember that boda bodas are dangerous so buy a car!
We watched our land be given away and then condemned when our mothers, aunties and grandmas strip naked to protect their land in Acholi area and we thought, that is so crude.  Till they hit on Mabira, Hoima and Buganda.  Check your land title.
We watched our medics complain that they were not being paid enough and if any, never on time and we said "but they are too greedy.  They took an oath let them go work for peanuts".  Until you show up with a dying patient and there are no medics and you die on a cold cement floor and the mortuary does not have room for your dead kabina (well, the one of your loved one).
Then kicking off all the vendors off the streets and demolishing their kiosks.  You said "why do they not just go rent places in Arcades and Malls?"  Until Uchumi pulled out because the street vendors do not shop in Super Markets and neither do their customers.  Wait till Nakumati pulls out.
Owino is a land mark of Kampala and Uganda and well known.  You watched as it was razed, demolished and the vendors evicted to create a new building by Ham Properties and he should wonder who will shop in that new place!
You watched our schools get demolished via the bitch of KCCA who has Erectile Disfunction (ED) and you said nothing but Karma struck because Sudhir is now no where on the Forbes African Billionaires.
We watched as Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) was fixed via World Bank with a grant of $77 millions only to be sold to Gen. Salim Saleh for something like $6 million and one should wonder what happened to the $71 million.
When we let all the Cooperatives get destroyed by the imposter thug regime, no one thought that cooperatives are the way our parents used to educate us all.  But you had UPE and USE and of course your kids are so terrible in academics they end up as Sex Slaves.
You have seen how journalists get beat up on live cameras but you are not a journalist so it does not make a difference in your life till you find out that Uganda Media is gagged and go on WhatsApp and Facebook to get news.  By the way, I run the best WhatsApp and Facebook groups. BITE!
You keep typing RIP when people die on Massacre Road and you better not have any business to take you to Western Uganda.
Our generals, diplomats, high profile people, our business people and our elders get slaughtered daily and you type RIP without even asking who killed Prosecutor Joan Kagezi or even Gen. Kaweesi.  By the way I know who killed both of them.  BURN!
Then the catastrophes happened because we are very STUPID:
Some 67 opposition youth were found dead on the shores of Lake Victoria and no one said a word.
The youth who got shot at and arrested for the Kayunga riots are still languishing in Luzira and do you care?
The opposition were arrested in 2016 before the elections and after the elections.  You did not storm State House or Burn down Parliament because you did not know that the International community was going to cut back funding.  AND now you say you need medicine, food and nebilala nebilala but you should have seen it coming when Dr. Kizza Besigye was jailed and harassed daily, you went about your own lives.  By the way are there still hungry desperate goons at State House Kasangati?
Hundreds upon hundreds were slaughtered in Kasese on November 26th and 27th in 2016.  I do not hear your voice!
Menstruation pads are the ignition switch.  Dr. Stella Nyanzi knew very well what she was starting.
Welcome to #AprilRevolution!  We may look like STUPID to Jarukanga and his sycophants but we are nothing like STUPID!  #MuseveniMustGo so we can rebuild our country and kick out all the chapati investors.  Go home all you rif raf false pretenders.  Our love for you has died so we are divorcing you.

Dr. Drew Dembe did not start STUPID.  Neither did Ms. Rebecca Kadaga.  It is Kanvunza who started it with his STUPID order on the #OilHandShake.  Swallow!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Her Royal Highness Princess of Bududa

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