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Unsowing the mustard seed of #Museveni's lies to #Uganda and the world @IGPUganda @PoliceUg

This is a testimony of what unites Ugandans who desire for a better Uganda for everyone, friend and enemy.  The following was sent by Nathan SPAN, the Span that many of you all now know.  But just scroll down and see what else we had written about Norman Tumuhimbise who was maimed and is luckily now walking but we shall never forget the brutality of the Uganda government thugs.

What Uganda has is guns.  What we have is technology.  We document and no voice of our people shall ever go unheard anymore.  The weblinks following this story go far back years because we do not let anything go un noticed.

By Nathan Span


Mwesigwa's sister spills the beans. The sister of the late Martin Mwesigwa, who lived and worked in Arusha Tanzania narrated her brother's death in 1972, regarding the disappearance and eventual death of her brother.

Margaret consistently, asked Museveni, about her brother who until his disappearance was always with Museveni. Margaret, said that on each occasion, Museveni gave her a different version of where Mwesigwa was, ranging from being well and alive on a mission abroad, to under going a training for a secret course.

Museveni told her again that her brother had died in a battle in Mbale. One of those that were present while Margaret told her story was Enoka Muntuyera, the father of Gen Mugisha Muntu the then commander of NRA.  Obote quoted Margaret Kyogire, that every time she asked Museveni about her brother, Museveni always gave a different answer. Enoka Muntuyera told Margaret that her brother was well and alive after the Mbale incident in which Museveni claimed Mwesigwa to have been killed.

The author of this book, Un-sowing The Mastered Seed Norman Tumuhimbise, was kidnapped on Aug. 19th, 2015 and badly tortured by security operatives of the Spacial Forces Command.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi's words however vulgar they may be, her choice of words, however offensive they maybe, she has not killed anyone and all the insults she gets must be directed at dictator Museveni, the one that has caused so much sufferings to our people.


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