Sunday, April 16, 2017

#Uganda's Sim Card registration is highway robbery @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye @StateHouse

Ugandans should ignore this Kayihura /Mutabazi foolery – Guidance by Rabba Naga on the diversionary order by Museveni regime on SIMCARD registration.
[By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp – 16/04/2017]
I listened to Mr Mutabazi of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) on a certain radio giving reasons why government cannot allow the use of passports, voters cards, driving permits or school IDs. I also watched him with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) on TV trying to sound like reasonable beings.
It wasn’t lost on me, though, that this foolish order comes at the time the media is increasingly publishing material suggesting likely internal plot as responsible for the Kaweesi murder.
This follows Mr Museveni’s own statements also suggesting internal criminality as a key component of this execution of AIP Kaweesi. Is it then this pressure on those in charge driving them nuts and coming up with these unworkable exercises so as to appear serious at fighting crime!
We have not seen any serious arrests of suspects where the problem has been identification. Or where prosecution has failed because of lack of identification.
Secondly, these national IDs were registered using recommendations from the same LCs (local councils) who are used to acquire passports and to get a voters’ cards.
When a government says it cannot trust the voters card it issued to citizens to vote for their president, where passports we carry are suspect and where driving permits are possibly fake, then what is left of our country?
Who voted in the last elections then?
We know for a fact that more aliens hold Ugandan National IDs than those who hold Ugandan passports. And since aliens can acquire IDs easily here, it shouldn’t be difficult for criminals to acquire fake cards.
There also people who hold multiple cards.
Uganda as a country we do not register deaths as a matter of law. Yet thousands perish in wars and disease. All these cards are out there in hands of anyone.
Even in Europe or USA, criminals easily obtain fake identification documents and board planes etc.
So, this stampeding of citizens by Kayihura and Mutabazi nonsense is to divert us. To make the public preoccupied with the lie that government is seriously looking for the Kaweesi murders. I doubt it is.
If the people just ignored this stupid directive and we see if government can switch off 26 million bank accounts (mobile money accounts) note that only 3 million Ugandans hold bank accounts with commercial banks. These phones are the operational channels for government operatives.
Let government allow people to use other identification documents. Let government extend the period and let government start resolving the problems of governance if it wants to defeat crime.
Otherwise the people should ignore this Kayihura /Mutabazi foolery because its motive is suspect.

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  1. Illegalities every where in the process. Respect parliamentary decisions pse.