Friday, April 14, 2017

#Uganda's @KizzaBesigye1 is a hero and uncontested by @KagutaMuseveni @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye

Okumanya nti Uganda elina too many matakos and basiru and Basoga is when in this age people dare to use their FBZero to post things like that Besigye is a loser and he will lose again in 2021.
Dr. Kizza Besigye is a wonder.  He walks on water.
Waliwo nabasiru abagamba nti Awangale Sssabasajja President Gen. Yoweri Museveni.  AND then we always have the dumb idiots who call themselves NRM Poor Youth who are campaigning for Muhoozi for 2021.
Sisimuka Uganda.  We are not a monarchy.  Besides, Dr. Richard Nikorach (nee Matsanga) will be the president.
Kakati amatako also say that Museveni is the best president ever.  Which year were you even born?  No one equals Gen. Iddi Amin Dada (the Patriot) and no one will ever equal Dr. Milton Obote.  How screwed up is the education system?
You claim that Museveni gave you peace and sleep then why do you get kidnapped in the night?  You claim that he gave you peace and security.  Then who killed Gen. AIGP Kaweesi?  Who killed Prosecutor Joan Kagezi?
You claim that Uganda has oil and the oil will take you into Middle Income Status but have you stopped to ask why there is no refinery and pipeline and why Heritage Oil pulled out and recently Tullow?
You claim that Uganda has one of the best universities in the world.  Then why did you let Makerere be shut down for 2.5 months?  Better, why is it that your job creation is jobs to Arab countries to clean, cook and drive Arabs?  So, your education system is so good that you sell your degree holders into modern slavery.  I was raised by maids and none of them had a university degree but still home schooled me.
You claim that opposition is against development.  How does a kilometre of road tarmac taste when you have gone 3 days without food and when the good old FDC shows up with food, you get shot at?
The man you call Tata Waife is going down anytime now so you better remember what Uganda does to all supporters of falling regimes.  We will raid your farms and eat your cows, chicken and Muhanga goats for muchomo with Kachumbali off course.  The arcades and malls you have built when you demolished our schools and markets will all be looted.  WATCH US. You all know who is going to win this war and she cloned herself and no longer has to fight it because you will never arrest an idea whose time has come. 
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State of Nation address by #TVO for #Uganda #AprilRevolution

A man believed to be the mysterious Facebook wizard, Tom Volataire Okwalinga (TVO), who torments and exposes the highest level of classified information about the Ugandan leader, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, released a scorching audio. The audio with a British accent is likely to add more complex puzzles in the search for TVO.


For about four months now, some regions of Uganda have been experiencing severe draught and subsequent famine. The most affected area is the semi-arid Cattle Corridor that stretches from Isingiro district at the southern border with Tanzania through Mbarara, some parts of Buganda and across Lake Kyoga to Teso and Karamoja regions.

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