Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#Uganda's former president Obote said a good #Muganda is a dead one

I now pity the Baganda who used to sing Awangale Ssabasajja and the Katiriko Charles Peter Mayiga. I remember the passion and solidarity with which Buganda defended the collection of etoffali despite of the fact that it was money being collected without accountability.

After the years of trekking the world collecting the money to "revive Buganda" it all now seem like they were merely brooding a snake because the Buganda Institution has now been empowered by Museveni to impoverish their own.

They first came for etoffali, the poor people gave them their hard earned money.

Then Peter Mayiga went to a place either in Sembabule or somewhere and grabbed land from numerous peasant Baganda and used his Kanyamas to terrorize them.

They then formed and used something called Nkuluze or whatever to evict people who have stayed on lands for decades in the pretext of reclaiming Kabaka's land. Now that they know that you have been successfully impoverished and with no where to sleep, the Kabaka and Katiriko sought President's blessing to hold his birthday celebrations.

But surely Abaganda Ani eyabaloga to continue kowtowing for Mutebi. Don't you know that you're on your own? If you're arguing ask Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu or the youth who were arrested in 2009 for protesting the refusal of Kabaka from visiting Bugerere.

My friends from Buganda need to awake from this slumber and see how much they are being exploited. You are selling your land to Banyarwanda in exchange for motorcycles, the same Rwandese have gangsters called Kifeesi. Soon as you reach Kampala with your new bodaboda they hire the goons to rob you of it.

In other words they give you with the left hand and take back with the right. In the end you lost the land and the motorcycle. Tell me where Baganda will be after 20 years? They shall either be in Butabika, Kampiringisa or the morgue or 6" fit under the ground.

Your strength in numbers is being used to massively clear you off and the Kabaka is being used as the pauper to deliver this!

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