Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#Uganda's dictator @KagutaMuseveni makes a very big mistake to ignore #AprilRevolution @IGPUganda

President Gen. Yoweri Museveni needs to pay attention to what is going on in this month of April, the month of cleansing where our Lord Jesus is going to be killed by His own people and then resurrect after 3 days in a tomb.

April is also Spring Cleaning.

In case State House Uganda has not been paying attention there have been happenings.

In South Korea, the people stood up and ditched a corrupt president who had dined and wined with Museveni in Kampala when our high ways were shut off.

In Turkey, there was a coup and there have been terrorist attacks.  You will all remember that President Erdogan flew to Uganda to wine and dine with Museveni and the highways were shut off with business for the common man coming to a stand still.

You will also remember that PM Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Uganda and everything was shut off again and he returned to face corruption charges in Israel.

President Kiir flew into Uganda, wined and dined with Museveni.  How is South Sudan now?

Former VP Reik Machar flew to Uganda, wined and dined with Museveni and what happened to his rebel group?  I hear Machar is now in South Africa.

For the swearing in of Museveni in May 2016, President Zuma flew into Uganda. I hear his people want him to step down.

Recently Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson flew into Uganda, wined and dined with Uganda.  I have no idea what happened when he flew back to London UK.

President Pierre Nkurunziza could not land his jet in Bujumbura and ended up at Entebbe, wined and dined with Museveni.  How is Burundi now?

President Joseph Kabila of DRC Congo has wined and dined with Museveni.  How is DRCongo now?

This is likely a conspiracy theory but if you notice, there is a pattern.  Uganda is cursed.  All and everyone who supports Museveni to kill Ugandans will have Karma come knocking at their door.

This April Revolution is being played out very well in South Africa where the people are relentilessly demanding that their president steps down.  Have you noticed that the security forces are not shooting to kill the protesters?  It happened in Zimbabwe too last year where the security forces refused to kill their own people.

Ugandans in the army, police, Intel and the militia groups must understand that even the people you work with are tired and if you keep beating up and killing their own people (you never know if the one killed is related to someone with a gun working with you), you could be Project 902 or 899.

Be very careful.  Know that Ugandans are being pushed to the wall with so much hunger and they watch you shoot to kill people who come out to get donated food while you freely distribute it to refugees.

Ugandans watch you fly the VIPs abroad as their own relatives (even those of UPDF and UPF) die in the local hospitals due to lack of medicine, equipment or present medics (who are hardly paid).

Ugandans watch you arrest opposition and frame them as you let the gluttons walk away for free and you promote them.

Ugandans watch you give their land away to chapati investors.  They watch you evict their brothers and sisters off vending on streets and you destroy their kiosks as well as their housing in barracks.

Ugandans watch you kick out 50,000 market vendors.  They also watch you run over their sisters and babies and remain quiet.

Know this fact.  Ugandans need food.  They need school fees and rent.  They need income.  You have taken away every means of earning income and sold their children to the Arabs.

Perhaps your worst nightmare is the 10 million unemployed strong youth or the 18 million Ugandans who can no longer afford a decent meal while you feed foreigners and promise us all that we are going to be Middle Income Status.

Then you kill your own generals, diplomats, business people, prosecutors, magistrates and police chiefs.

The tsumani which is coming for you is still doing a practice run.  The dam is going to break and you will be very sorry you never paid attention.

Do not forget about Brazil and the corruption chaos going on there and neither should you forget Venezuela where the people are also fed up.

PS:  President Donald Trump said "no ruler who kills his own people will not be punished"..something like that till he fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on President Assad of Syria.  It will get better.  The upcoming war will not spare money nor arms for Africa's despots who kill daily and get away with it because they create terrorists themselves, wars and refugees only to tell America that they are allies.  Good luck with that.

Martha Leah Nangalama


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