Thursday, April 27, 2017

#Ugandans will never liberate themselves

Before the February 2016 elections I was talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing how Ugandans would fight for their votes. I was adamant that they would.

Then out of the blue my friend says "Martha how old are you?"

Old enough to vote, have sex, drink and have kids.  What do you have in mind?

"Martha I seriously need to know how old you are".

Buddy, given that my first born is 18 you can extrapolate.

"Given your attitude I doubt you got pregnant as a teen.  Any man would run away from you.  So I put you above 40".

Good, then tell me why my age is a topic.

Then he talked.  Then talked a lot.  See this.

Ugandans will lose their votes and will not fight.  Not once have Ugandans ever liberated themselves.

In 1979, it took Tanzania to liberate them from Gen. Amin.

In 1986 it took rif raf from Rwanda to liberate them from Obote 2.  Your people are wimps.  They will not fight.  But announce that a foreign group has liberated them and they will be all over Kampala celebrating.

Some 16 months later my friend calls me saying "your people will not go out and burn anything and chase the Tutsi out of Kampala.  Just tell me later because they are wimps.  They even run away when they see a canister being thrown at them or hear a bullet shot in the air.  Your people are not even fighting land grabbing and you think they will liberate themselves?"

I blocked that guy because he has little faith in my people.  Mbu we are wimps and cannot fight.  Shaaa.

Perhaps my friend was right.  Him and I used to talk about the girls.  His last statement which still haunts me "Your girls could liberate Uganda among just them.  Do yourself a favour and stop counting on Ugandans".

Let me unblock the sweetheart and tell him he was spot on.  In my arrogance I did not pay attention.

Since my last conversation with my beloved, I have watched land grabbing, journalists being tormented, corruption incroyable, unpaid medics and teachers, Uganda shilling tanking, markets being burned and vendors being evicted, schools being demolished, opposition being arrested, multi nationals exiting and now academicians being jailed.

Gen. Iddi Amin (love him or hate him) would never have done such damage to his people. Between him and Dr. Milton Obote, Uganda was respected. We are now a laughing stock.  Imagine imprisoning a PhD holder for pads.

Dearest sister Stella Nyanzi, we love you like you even have any idea. We will keep the fire burning.  But we are wimps planning a Jail Break. 

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

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