Monday, April 10, 2017

#Ugandans to begin hurling insults at #Museveni's wife @StateHouseUg

I think as a means to register our protests over the overbearing state persecution of a single family breadwinner Stella Nyanzi. We should set a day for social media users to haul abuses on Janet Kataha.

Idi Amin Dada, the semi illiterate buffoon who ruled Uganda with iron fist was smart enough to not appoint his , relatives or one of his many wives in any cabinet position, let alone a senior government position.

The first Idi Amin cabinet included some of the country’s best political brains and respected leaders. For example the minister of education was a professor called W.B. Banage. There is obviously a stuck difference between him and despotic Museveni who rallies on nepotism and patrimony to set up his cabinet.
Museveni cabinet is composed of a wife here, mistresses there, a cousin here, in law there his advisors are his nucleus family of a brother, sister, son, daughters, son in laws, nephews and nieces.
I will today start lightly on the TUMBAVU family and proceed to KOMAYONKO to you and your family. Uganda is not a family business for you raw milk drinkers.
Moses Atocon Atyekwo

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