Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#Ugandans register as refugees to beat hunger since they can't eat cake @StateHouseUg

The world turns a blind eye on the suffering of Ugandans.  The govt begs for money to feed refugees.  Ugandans die of hunger.  The useless UN is all over Uganda caring for refugees who have taken over our country.
Uganda is the best place to go and be a refugee.  You are allowed to work.  You are given land to grow food.  Never mind that the land is grabbed at gun point from Ugandans and many of our own live in IDP camps (Internally Displaced People).
Refugees get scholarships paid for by Ugandan tax payers to attend the universities which our kids cannot afford.
Refugees get good medical care.  Ugandans die of treatable and preventable diseases because we have no medicine for our own.
Refugees are given guns to kill our people if we dare to complain.  
The chickens now come to roost.  We are also going to register as refugees to beat hunger and suffering.  In fact we will even give you our land so that we avoid tear gas and bullets.  The poor Batwa were kicked out of their forest and also put in camps now living under tarpaulin tents as though they had no home of their own.
Below is the article from Daily Monitor that ought to scare all of us who claim to be Ugandans.
If you are not angry, you are not paying attention.
YUMBE- Chaos ensued at Bidibidi Zone III Settlement in Kululu Sub-county, Yumbe District as hundreds of Ugandans struggled to be registered as South Sudan refugees.
Those who tried to be registered as refugees, according to reportedly wanted to access free relief items like food since most of them struggle to make ends meet.
 The office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is currently registering refugees in Bidibidi Zone III.
However, chaos erupted after officials from OPM identified and blocked them from being registered.
An eyewitness who preferred anonymity said Ugandans who masqueraded as refugees were exposed after failing to answer basic questions related to physical features, languages, norms and cultures of South Sudan people.
The process of eliminating ineligible is likely to be complicated since Kakwa language is spoken in Koboko in Uganda and Yei, in South Sudan.
It is, therefore, easy for Ugandans at the border, many of who speak Arabic, to pretend to be refugees for the sake of benefits.
In the same vein, many Ugandans hold South Sudan passports and identity cards which they acquired to get jobs across the border.
Mr Robert Baryamwesiga, the settlement commandant said some of the natives who wanted to register as refugees acquired cards fraudulently.
 "Accessing the cards is not a problem because the cards are many. Some refugees sell them to the Ugandans and go back to South Sudan. Buying these cards doesn't qualify a person to be a refugee. Registering as a refugee doesn't mean that you will become a rich person," he said.
 Mr Musiho Abubaker the Yumbe District police commander said on Monday: "The police had to fire live bullets in air to disperse the rowdy residents. We never registered cases of assault and no arrests were made in connection to the incidence." the DPC said.

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