Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#Ugandans must stop accepting selective #Justice

First they killed Acholi and you did not speak up because you were not a Munamawanga or Anyanya.

Then they destroyed health care and you did not speak up because you never get sick.

They sold all the Parastatals and you did not speak up because your parents did not educate you with good salaries from being civil servants.  After all they had land and cows to sell to send you to affordable good schools.

They then diluted education and now sell university graduates as slaves.

Then the land grabbing and taking away your cows.

You did not speak up because your land was secure and no one could take away your cows as was done in Karamoja and Teso.

Fast forward and they started to demolish schools but you did not speak out because you could still send your kids to King's College or St. Mary's Kisubi or Gayaza or Namilyango or Namagunga.

In all this you had forgotten that killing the civil service would mean that only a minority would afford quality education.

They soon sold your UCB and Cooperative Bank as well as Uganda Airlines but you did not speak up because you bank in Diamond Gold Trust or Greenland and soon those banks fell.

You also thought that the fall of Uganda Airlines was a none issue since you could fly British Airways.

Much later they came after mini skirts and undressed our mothers and sisters in public.  You did not speak out because you hate mini skirts.

The Public Order Management Bill (Pomb) was being passed but all you paid attention to were Mini skirts.

Then they went after Gays and many of you celebrated and lost sight of the diversion and the POMB.

Then Bundibugyo massacre with mass graves but you are not from Bundibugyo.

They killed your Muslim Clerics but you are Christian so that was not your issue.

They then gave free pigs in Busoga who harbour jiggers and you are not a Musoga.  But apparently now jiggers are all over the place.

They then slaughtered hundreds in Kasese and you were left in shock.

Since the Kasese massacre, they have closed thousands of affordable schools.

Then kicked street vendors off the streets, burned markets, evicted people from Owino.

They also closed the Ivory Tower but you did not scream loud because you send your kids to Universities abroad.

Land grabbing continues unabated.

They gave contracts to Chinese and some raped your daughters to the point where World Bank had to suspend funding.

Do not forget your Generals who keep dying, your magistrates and business people.  Mind you even your diplomats die in bathrooms in airports or drop dead getting off the plane.

You send people abroad for medical treatment and they still return in caskets in Belly Cargo.

They stole your 2016 elections and you all went into Kamooli.

If you are hungry, go eat cake.

Dr. Kizza Besigye is the most arrested man ever and yet when FDC prayers were banned no cleric, pastor or priest put up a fight.

When 67 bodies of young opposition kids washed up on Lake Victoria beaches, you went about your business.

When 200+ UPDF were killed in Somalia you remained mute as only 9 bodies were flown home.

So today you complain about your Sim Cards yet you did not talk before.

Your information is going to be given to the Telecom companies but who even cares since you do not understand about computer privacy, identity theft or cyber attacks.

You spoke out loudly when Dr. Stella Nyanzi talked about matako and tiny vagina.  Did you have to wait till she got arrested? Word out of Uganda is that she was picked up in the night by UPDF but this is a story to be verified.

Today your govt is in the news for giving sh.7B to tycoons.  Why not Owino?

Today govt is also in the news for the billions they will be spending on meals for parliament MPigs.

You lost key investors and now complain about Chinese and Indians who peddle in the country.  Not only that but your investors make better chapati than your now famous Rolex.

Selective justice works that way.  You are next.

The killings in Masaka have all the signs of the preamble before Kasese.  A man who loves his Kabaka very well is on record for lamenting about Mengo demolishing his Love Beach.

Whenever you see injustice done to anyone, raise your voice. Scream so loud that the echo of your words can be heard from The Mountains of The Moon all the way to Mount Masaba.  Any injustice you do not speak loudly about means you sanction the injustice and you are next.

I am on record for speaking out about the Injustice in Uganda and I have it all documented on the Internet.

Let me sign off you by wishing you Merry Xmas.  Your phone sim card might be blocked by December!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Solid IT and business background.  You might want to also remember that father sent me to Namagunga on a civil servant salary when he was working for the defunct UPTL (Uganda Posts and Telecomunications)!

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