Thursday, April 13, 2017

#Ugandans have short memories - Kamuli elections

In 2015, Salaam Musumba flew on a Gulf Airstream with President Gen. Yoweri Museveni to Rome to meet the pope and not too many people in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) were aware of that trip.
There was an out cry about that trip because we were in the middle of election campaigns.  You have forgotten but some things remain on the grid.
Yesterday she was blind sided by a high school drop out Watongola who is also close to Museveni.
I saw many FDC people throw tantrums about why this traitor woman Musumba did not win.  It looks like the FDC people do not learn much and forget a lot.  You all forgot that Museveni never forgives and never forgets. So now you lament about Musumba have been rigged out of Kamuli.
Personally I think we have enough women from Kamuli who are not doing much for their constituency anyway or else there would be less jiggers and Kamuli hospital would not be a death trap.
So what if Watongola is a school drop out!  You have many of such half illiterates.  So what if Watongola was throwing around sh. 1000 per vote!  You have all allowed poverty to bite into every family that people just look at the little money for this vote to feed their families.
Do you remember when Museveni was campaigning for one of his candidates in Busia, he said "if you do not vote for me, you will not get services.  I am the one who has the money".  Consequently, we cannot blame our people for selling their votes because they are hungry or fear their markets being burned or demolished or need medicine in their local hospitals.
If you never believed that Museveni has reduced people to beggars, now you know.  What does sh.1000 even buy apart from airtime?  If you do not believe that Ugandans are hungry, go and visit your village and take posho, rice, beans, sugar, powder milk, sugar and cooking oil and you will also be voted into govt.  We make a big mistake not to address the suffering of our people.
Ugandans make a very big mistake not to see that the only way Museveni wins votes is via gun and little money.  I hear some of you are waiting for 2021 to vote him back in office.  I likely will not care because my income has not changed since 2005 and it will not change.
The question to FDC is why was FDC in pain when Musumba wined and dined with Jarukanga and then all of a sudden she is your darling after the betrayal?  Could you not have found another Musoga to run on your ticket? Remember that we can buy Basoga for sh. 20,000 and could have put up a good fight. Alas!  You did not think of this!  The FDC party must also now acknowledge the reality that some of us do not think that FDC can provide us with anything more than the current regime.  Your infighting displayed on Facebook tells us that we cannot count on you.
Congratulations Wetongola.  The Hon. will come after you prove that a school drop out can work for her people beyond one meal for a day just because you were facilitated and it was campaign time. Perhaps you can now cure jiggers in Kamuli since you have the ear of the boss!
Musumba is a traitor and Museveni knew it so hence, you cannot sleep with dogs and not expect to catch fleas (SPAN).
Martha Leah Nangalama


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