Sunday, April 2, 2017

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I will write this one going backwards to remind you all of why religion should be banned for having helped the enslavement of Ugandans and the impoverishment, killings, tortures, maiming..

In 2013, Uganda proposed and banned all public meetings under the bill POMB which many of you did not analyse well.  It banned your freedom of speech.

That same year, Uganda proposed and passed a ban on mini skirts which most of you did not challenge until your mothers and sisters were undressed in public.

In this same year while you ignored those two bills, especially the POMB, a bill was being put forward to kill gays.  I am on record for telling you that this bill would mean fascism because they always start with one group then move onto the next group and keep moving on.  Read about the Holocaust.  One Day they will come for you.

In 2014 the religious leaders were on live cameras sanctioning the killing of gay people.  Despite my being a gay, I did not stop to tell them that it was a wrong move.  The Muslim Clerics were the most vocal ones.  We will deal with the Jesusers in another story.  So these clerics were sanctioning death because Muhammed (may Allah grant peace) had suddenly told them to kill their sons and daughters.

This is 2017 and exactly how many Muslim Clerics were gunned down?  I hear 16 but we are still counting.  Do you have the investigation reports on the killers and can you share?

Did you know that the minute you tell the state to go ahead and kill a group you give the state permission to kill your group?  Never mind the donor aid which dried up.

We must not forget Northern Uganda and the decimation of Gulu and Karamoja.  Did we even think it would come to Luweero or Isingiro?  Non.. non.. those people were anyanya.  Now let hunger kill you all because you did not cry for our people.

Then Kayunga rights and did anyone speak out?  What about the families who were evicted off their land to make way for BIDCO which by now you know was forced by its UK shareholders to pull off the lang grabbing?

Did you cry for the Batwa who were chased from the forest and made to live as beggars and still do?

When they came for the RICH land owners of Hoima, no one shed a tear.  Because these people never cried for our suffering.  Apparently many now live in camps to make way for Oil which ain't gonna flow anytime soon...the world is going SOLAR.

The Kasese genocide and massacre was played out minute by minute.  Some idiots attacked me on Twitter saying I was spreading false propaganda.  Media in Uganda was banned from broadcasting about Kasese and you all retained your silence but by this time the world knew.

Do you remember when vendors were kicked off streets and kiosks were demolished or perhaps you remember Nakuru Police barracks being torn down because you did not speak up previously so we were not there to speak for you when your own fellow police tore down your family lives!  #KarmaInHeels

Perhaps you also did not know that UPDF families were also kicked off land and these were the people who had been working with the UPF which had audacity to evict their own.  Did you know that people in UPDF and UPF are supposed to be servants and they do not serve so they have whatever is coming.

Then because people in security, army, police, spies, thuggery and Black Mamba have immunity, they watched their leader get gunned down in broad daylight.  This was more gruesome than the gunning down of one of their prosecutors.  But the killers were brutal and wanted to make a statement.  They walked to the SUV, opened doors and photographed their kill and then took off but only after they had sent images of their catch.

In all this, where have been our religious leaders?  We must remember them also not calling for a national week of mourning when 67 bodies of opposition youth washed up on the shores of Lake Victoria with bullets, torture and broken necks.  WHERE were they even when the prayers were banned or when the Mosques were raided?

The price which the religious leaders will be to eat the bullet which protects them or crash their car or get a belly car or cancer and then remember how many are dying daily.

The price that all people in security, UPF, UPDF, CMI, ISO, ESO, CBIA, PISO, DISO, CFIA, nabalala nabalala WILL be your confidence that you are safe when all it takes is a gun in your own circle.  Do you wanna do a count of how many Ugandan senior people since 2013 when Gen. Sejusa warned about imminent deaths?  I am sure Gen. Aronda who laughed at Sejusa has a story.  So do all the Court Martial Generals who have even had the audacity to try Ssebyala in Somalia and imprison him there.  The way UPDF works is when the human rights are called to the entire world, you as the Court Martial General Judge and Executioner will be forced to say to the world about everything the regime is doing and baring that, you will be taken to court as an individual.  AND if both circumstances work out per KARMA, you will get a belly ache.  Ask the previous ones.

AND in all this, religious leaders remain silent because they are selling rice for $14.50 a kilo instead of the usual $0.75 a kilo.  They remain silent because 77 DOGS have taken over Uganda. Hallelujah!

Martha Leah Nangalama
#AprilRevolution means my voice is not for sale.  We will take no prisoners because we will say our Rosary in Heaven.

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