Thursday, April 13, 2017

#Uganda tribalism by @PoliceUg @IGPKayihura @aKasingye sanctioned by @KagutaMuseveni

Nathan Span
Uganda police has been in the news most of the time for brutality and its partisan politics favoring the ruling terrorist organization NRM. The force has been accused of being tribalist in its hiring and promotions but mainly this has been done in a hash hash way that at least the hiring and promotions were sugar coated.
Last week an NRM minister Herbert Kabafunzaki was arrested for bribery at Aya Museveni hotel. The act was caught on camera. In another incident Dr.Stella Nyanzi was arrested for allegedly committing the draconian law of computer cyber harassment, in other words misuse of a computer as if computers came with specific directions of not using vulgar language codes.
The corrupt minister who comes from the ruling region in power, was granted bail despite his crime being a criminal offense and he is free to make more bribes. Dr. Stella Nyanzi who happens to come from Buganda and her crime is more of a civil offense is still behind bars. The IGP, general Kayihura is tired of practicing tribalism under the table. No sane person can look at these two individuals and come to a conclusion that Dr. Stella Nyanzi's crime is worse and represents a real and immediate danger than Minister Kabafunzaki's that she cannot be granted bail.
What other explanation can the attorney general give for holding Dr. Stella Nyanzi in Luzira without granting her bail? Is it because her crime was committed against the Fat Lady in corruption Janet Museveni? Remember the GAVI scandal that left Robinah Kiyingi dead and then it was found out that Robinah's corruption investigations were leading to the very fat corrupt lady?
Dr. Stella Nyanzi had embarked on a mission that had embarrassed the regime and many pictures of young girls were shown in international news sewing reusable pads (yayikiiii) for the unfortunate people of Uganda. Recently, pictures of dictator Museveni were also in the news showing his steady Progress irrigation technology scheme, where he was pictured carrying a bucket of water to irrigate plants on a two acre farm.
Dr. Stella Nyanzi and other political prisoners especially those that were arrested as teenagers in 2009 for standing up for Kabaka in turn who has turned a blind eye on them, must be released unconditionally.

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