Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#Uganda rebel group UPFF clarifies on gang attacks @IGPUganda @aKasingye @PoliceUg

Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighters (UPFF) Statement on Dropped Letters & Violence in Masaka and other parts of the Country

On the 24th of February 2017 UPFF dropped the first letters/posters in 2017. The letters were dropped in Kampala city, Mengo, Nakulabye, Bwaise and along Bombo road. All writings on our letters/posters ended with our UPFF signature.

CBS was the first media house to break the news in its morning bulletin of 9:00am in which the police spokesman assured the public with their investigations and up to now police is still investigating!

Three days after, we dropped our letters in Masaka. Letters still contained our signature.

A week after, Kasingye was asked about UPFF by journalists. He responded by assuring the public how he's going to arrest all UPFF members and fighters but to date he hasn't arrested anyone yet his boss is boasting with fake suspects.

On learning about our intentions, Kayihura ordered his crime preventers to promote crime by duplicating our letters, killing innocent civilians, stealing from the poor Baganda, attack their homes and threatening them. This was designed in one of Kayihura's safe houses in Naguru with the aim of instilling fear among the public, discouraged people from joining UPFF, frustrate our recruitment/mobilization exercise and tarnish our name. Kayihura wants people to assume it’s rebels terrorizing innocent people yet it’s him.

From the beginning, we were categoric with our targets and intentions and they remain unchanged. We're against men in uniform loyal to the dictator, fake investors doing business with the dictator like Ham and NRM stooges sustaining NRM autocracy.

UPFF has never attacked any home of innocent people, never threatened any innocent civilians and has never stolen from innocent Ugandans. Attacks, robbery, theft, threatening letters to innocent people are Kayihura’s project. Kayihura is the architect, driver and sponsor while his crime preventers are project implementers.

Yes, sometimes our letters aren't signed with our signature but they still don't target innocent people.

We wish to reassure the general public that our ultimate goal is ousting dictator Museveni and restoring democracy. We therefore call upon all pro democracy Ugandans to join this final road to total and real freedom. Like we always say there's no more opportune moment before us like this one. The dictator knows it too. Fellow Ugandans use whatever you have, wherever you are, however you want to press harder. He'll soon give in.

It's not our style to pre-empt our next move which is why to a big extent we're always successful in our missions and the most recent was in Kween which left security perplexed.

We once again call upon more groups/individuals to join and redeem our beloved country.

For God and our country.

Joseph Ssonko

UPFF Publicist

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