Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#Uganda must embrace search engines like @Google

I was a Yahoo brat till one day when I told Mini I was gonna auction her off on eBay.

When I returned from work and asked how she felt about her being sold off, she replied "It is illegal to sell kids in Canada.  I Googled it".  She was 6yrs old.

Fast forward and one Adam Luzindina Buyinza is in WhatsApp groups saying I had divorced my husband Daniel Nangalama to work as a prostitute on the streets of Winnipeg Manitoba.

Had he used Google he would have found all the articles I have written about my father Daniel Nangalama and the fact that I have never lived in Manitoba nor worked as a hooker.

I asked him to apologize and he has never done so.  As much as I love and respect JPAM, he had no chance in hell.  Even JPAM could have protected my reputation but did he even try?  What about all his youth who were arrested and some killed?

Granted, even if I were to choose to divorce my own father and go into hooking at least I was raised by a great man.  And hooking pays better than fighting for Uganda.

When Ugandans attacked me including my own family, most forgot that I had flown their own nieces home with the girls' father.

Choose to hate but you will never escape Karma.

Now Uganda Poor Youth are all over Morrison Rwakakamba.  Poor beggars should use Google to know what a PhD from Havard or even a Masters in Information from University of Toronto!
Martha Leah Nangalama

Opposition must stop hiring idiots to speak for our people or you will live to regret it.

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