Sunday, April 16, 2017

#Uganda @KagutaMuseveni mistook #South =Sudan for being Uganda, paid a price #Machar @StateHouseUg


Dictator (Banuserous) Museveni learnt a lesson that he will never ever forget or even repeat for that matter in South Sudan. After the death of Gen. Garanga, Museveni thought it would be so easy to tame a young nation that Saliva Kiir was a president of a new nation as a puppet for Museveni to grab South Sudan's oil just as Donald Trump used to say during the campaign that USA would confiscate Iraq's oil once he became president, but not so fast Donald.

Museveni had asked Saliva Kiir to arrest Gen. Machar as he saw him as an obstacle to grabbing the oil. What M7 did not count on was that South Sudanese are not Ugandans and they put up a fight Bonus was not expecting. He thought that Machar would be arrested just like he arrests Dr. Besigye and the rest is Kumbaya my Lord but wapi.

The resistance was so severe that Salve Kiir's regime was on the brink of being toppled. Kiir made an emergency call to Museveni and cried that his regime could fall any moment. Bewildered, dictator Museveni immediately sent in Gulu battalion to salvage Kiir's regime.  As the fight intensified, rebels royal to Machar were telling UPDF that South Sudan is not Uganda where KB gets arrested at Wandegeya and Museveni brings in expired tear gas to scare off Ugandans.

To the amazement of Machar's rebels, they got tired of killing the Ugandan army according to one source all the dead Ugandans the majority of UPDF soldier's IDs were those from Acholi, Eastern Region and Central region names. We have been told that the soldiers from the western part of Uganda especially the Rwandese soldiers keep on saying Twatera Embudu ngu Twafunobwogyerero” ‘but actually they should be saying Abana batera Embundu ne tufunaobwogyerero.  They keep on telling us how strong fighters they are but yah Mpa Enkoni Ntere Ente yangye. Museveni will never dare make that mistake again.  Machar made a costly mistake by agreeing to meet dictator Museveni.  One man almost defeated two nations combined.  


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