Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#Uganda is a failed state by @KagutaMuseveni @StateHouseUG @IGPUganda @AKasingye @PoliceUg

A nation is judged by how much it cares for its most vulnerable citizens.  Uganda has failed on every angle.
Uganda ignores people who are hungry and we have over 10 million who can hardly afford a good meal daily.
Uganda has people with various disabilities.  Do we care for them?
Uganda has many sick people.  Do we have medicine?
Uganda has unemployment to the tune of 87% for all university graduates.  Do we help them find work? Rather, we throw them in jail.
Uganda has pensioners.  Do we pay their pensions on time?  Instead we take names off registers claiming they are ghosts.
Uganda has children being sacrificed in rituals or being raped (defiled) or getting married at much too young an age.  Do we do anything about it?
The above are issues that Uganda must deal with on a daily basis but lately there is something more catchy.
AIGP Kaweesi received death threats and then he was soon killed.  The death threats could not be traced because the phone numbers were unregistered.  So we are installing CCTV cameras for the crimes and also not allowing un registered SIM cards.
Yesterday AIGP Kasingye was in media saying he had received death calls.  Some of us wondered if he had been told that he was Project 890.  Imagine the shock today when media is saying that an Iraqi operative had threatened him.  The threatener (he is a joker though) had a registered number and disclosed his information on Social Media.  Police have not apprehended him yet.
Pray tell us.  If the police cannot protect their most senior officers then what are the chances of David Ojok going into Makerere to demand to be paid for services he provided and someone yells THIEF?  Mob justice ensures.  Did Makerere kids not think to tie him up and hand him to police?  Were they encouraged by IGP Kayihra having been on media in the immediate past saying that when you see a person you suspect to be a criminal, then deal with it.
President Yoweri Museveni was recently in media saying that if you see a Boda Boda following you, pull over your car and engage them.  Poor Boda Boda people.  No wonder the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni told all of you to buy cars.
You should remember that one of Uganda's biggest exports is mercenaries to the Middle East. Most do not like it and when they return to Kampala, someone will pay the price.
The good thing is we now have Social Media and can alert everyone that one of our top security officers is gonna get killed.  Welcome to Social Media. Any lies you make up will also be exposed.  Many of us are taking the death threats on Asan Kasingye as joke or police ploy but perhaps we should not since "Police has been infiltrated with criminals"...Museveni. When Police cannot protect their own, then perhaps the Mafia are real ... Mirundi.
May lightning strike your cows and goats!  Please know that us the people feel no compassion for you.  Did you feel any compassion for us when you were beating up our people?  Here is a video  to remind you. 

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