Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#Uganda Investment Authority has no Business Processes - Executive Director

Ms Jolly Kaguhangire, the newly appointed Executive Director (not ED, it means Erectile Disfunction) was in the media saying in her first 100 days, she will put in some changes.
One of her key changes is to put a process in place because apparently Uganda Investiment Authority (UIA) has no processes in place.
Then some of you wonder why Uganda has been losing investors while attracting rif rafs like Sudhir whose bank you even recently stole while he was named one of Africa's billionaires in Dollars.  Had you had a process in place you would not have lost one of the key investors.
Did you lose BA (British Airways)?
Did you lose Uchumi?
Did you lose Heritage Oil (a Canadian Oil exploration company)?
Did you recently say that Tullow Oil is pulling out?
Did you not lose one of the biggest insurers in the world AIG?
Did ACTIS not pull out of Uganda?
Is Nakumati not currently having problems paying suppliers and some stores have empty shelves and apparently some owe rent and some may be closed or are closing?
UIA must put processes in place in order to avoid the capital flight because when the major investors pull out, there will be no incentive for Ugandans who have money to invest in Uganda.
How do you mean you have no Processes in place?  Is this the reason why Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda get major investors and Uganda has become the plague of where one puts money?
If Fitch can downgrade South Africa to Junk, do you not think that Uganda is only a step away even having been downgraded in the past by Moody's, S&P and Fitch.  No idea who is bribing these agencies as Uganda is less solvent than South Africa.  Uganda has a huge debt to GDP ratio and the Balance of Payments (BoP) are not something you want to see.
Uganda has banked on oil for a decade now and the investors keep walking away because apparently UIA does not have processes.  Alas, perhaps your rampant corruption might also be a factor!
Martha Leah Nangalama
The writer has a business and IT background and has worked in the Oil industry for decades.

UK private equity firm Actis sells out of Ugandan utility Umeme

KAMPALA Nov 16 British private equity firm Actis has sold its remaining 14.3 percent stake in Uganda's sole power distributor, Umeme Limited, to investors including a local pension fund, allowing its shares to resume trading. Trading in Umeme shares was halted on Nov.

Tullow sells Uganda stake to Total for $900m

Tullow Oil had sold two-thirds of its stake in Uganda's first ever oil development to its partner, French major Total, for $900m. The giant project on the shores of Lake Albert, where Tullow first discovered oil in 2006, is estimated to contain 1.7bn barrels of oil and forecast to eventually produce 230,000 barrels per day (bpd).

Heritage Oil exit earns it USD 1.5b

HERITAGE Oil has completed the sale of its oil and gas interest in Uganda after it accepted terms and conditions set by the Government. By Ibrahim Kasita HERITAGE Oil has completed the sale of its oil and gas interest in Uganda after it accepted terms and conditions set by the Government.

Uganda names companies shortlisted for next round of oil bids: Global Witness response | Global Witness

The Government of Uganda's decision to publish the companies shortlisted to bid for its latest round of oil contracts is an important step forward for transparency in the country, said Global Witness today. However, the organisation highlighted the need to carefully scrutinise companies' environmental and social records, especially given the sensitive nature of the regions in which the contracts are being awarded.

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