Thursday, April 6, 2017

#Uganda flies MPigs and regime sycophants abroad to avoid fixing hospitals

Beatrice Anywar is well known to Ugandans in government and opposition as Mama Mabira. She fought for a forest but not for medicine, equipment in hospitals or pay for medics. Apparently trees are more important. 
You will all remember that after her car accident which was apparently a roll over, she was admitted in Kitgum hospital (her riding) and given that there was no medical treatment, the government dispatched a helicopter to fly her to Kampala for IHK where she has been.
Like all accidents, she suffered internal injuries that which must now be treated abroad.
Kitgum hospital was not good enough.  The road transportation was not good enough.  Were there ambulances with medics in them?  So a plane was sent for her.
IHK is likely the best hospital in Uganda and it is still not good enough for her.
Now imagine how many Ugandans die in their local hospitals.  All the MPigs, religious leaders, diplomats and politicians who do not fight to equip our hospitals and ensure there are drugs will be punished by Karma.
You will need to fly abroad for treatment and likely Uganda Airlines will not be operational and not too many of you have access to a private Gulf Stream.  You have made a very big mistake not to ensure that your hospitals can treat you.  How long are we going to deal with this IDIOCY of fundraising money to send you abroad when our own families do not have food and when they go to get food, they are shot dead or fed tear gas?  Or supposing you are involved in a car accident and you are a VIP only to end up in the nearest hospital after the accident and the doctors are not present because they are not being paid or if they are there, there are no CT Scanners, MRI, Ultra Sound machines and you end up dead.  You must remember how arrogant KCCA Agaba died like a pauper in Mbarara hospital.
For far too long, you have consigned your people to poverty and watched them die only for you to show up for the funerals and campaign in yellow.  For too long, you have ignored the doctors and nurses (other medics) who cry out for basic minimal pay and you think you will never be in that position when you need them.  But did you know that even Bahima and Bakiga actually are dying now under a system they have pleasantly supported to ensure that only the wise men from the East die?  Kate tubalina.
You also of course have your religious leaders who have never raised their voices while your people were being slaughtered come out and ask for money for treatment in London UK.  The Karma who is going to get you is still sitting on the fence watching how many of you will cage in until you realise that you were put in positions of leadership to fight for the rights of your people.  HOW ARE YOU DOING SO FAR?
One day the people who stole the GAVI funds and robbed 430 million Euros from The Global Fund will fall sick in Uganda. 
Martha Leah Nangalama

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