Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#Uganda #Defiance against #Hunger delivered - @FDCofficial1 @KizzaBesgigye1 @MugishaMuntu @NandalaMafabi

Mzee Olebe together with the late Hon Charles Willy Ekemu were charged with treason by the state which concocted evidence that they were part of the shadowy People's redemption army (PRA) which court later dismissed as the state failed to produce credible evidence to  pin the suspects

Finally, the People's President HE Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe veered off to Koloin in Ngora District on his way from Katakwi via Soroti where he met his long time supporter and agent of change Mzee Ogwang Olebe.  They hugged each other in a jovial mood and later held a private discussion inside Mzee Olebe 's house.  Mzee Olebe was charged with treason after the 2001 general elections together with the late Hon. Ekemu Charles Willy the ex FDC Soroti Municipality MP in the 8th Parliament (2006-2011).

Despite the fact that Police unleashed brutality and tear gas to disperse peaceful and jubilant supporters, the People's Government team led by Col Dr Kizza Besigye, FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Lubaga Mayor Owek Joyce Ssebugwawo, Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi FDC SG,Bishop Obaikol, Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi ,Hon Munyagwa Mubarak, Hon Keviina Taaka, Hon Ingrid Turinawe, Hon Kaija Harold FDC Deputy SG,  Busia Mayor Amin Sadic Agere Mr Idi Ouma FDC National Youth Chairperson, Ms. Joan Alobo FDC National Youth League secretary General,Ms Paga Gloria,Mr Goldino among others managed to comb through various parts of Soroti and Katakwi.

The People's Government team handed over food relief to Retired Bishop of Soroti Bishop Obaikol, paid respect to the grave of Ex Toroma county MP and that of our fallen colleague Counsel Okiring in Magoro - Toroma Katakwi District.  May their souls rest in eternal peace.

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