Monday, April 3, 2017

#Uganda #media houses make BIG mistake not to strongly condemn @ObserverUg raid

It was only common sense to take a guess that the offices of The Observer were raided by the Uganda regime thugs.  You will remember that hardly 6 months ago the same offices were raided.
Evidence is key.  Observer is well known for being a truly Independent news paper and news source unlike any other in Uganda who is compromised in one way or another.
The problem with Uganda is every time something happens to someone, to a village, to a tribe or to a group, we all think it will never happen to us.  BUT then it does happen to us.
Uganda media reported on the Observer raid with a hands off attitude instead of demanding clearly and publicly for a full investigation of why the Observer offices were raided.  I hope they have been reading up on my advice of not storing information on local computers and files in the offices. 
What happened to The Observer is going to happen to you one of these days.  Just wait for your turn.
When prayers were banned for FDC, all religious leaders should have come out and spoken with one voice.
When the first 2 Muslim clerics were gunned down, all religious leaders should have come out and spoken very loudly about the killings.  They should have done the same with the Mosque raids.
Have you forgotten that when Acholi were being killed daily, we all retained our silence?  Then Kayunga happened.  Then Rwenzururu happened.  By the time Kasese happened, we had become immune to deaths and we did not cry.  Many atrocities are being committed in Uganda and we are all keeping quiet because we do not think it will happen to us.
When Stella Nyanzi was arrested, abused and even prevented from flying to Amsterdam as a Key Note speaker, all academicians should have spoken out.  Then now the fiasco of The People vs. The School Drop out is still also not being condemned by all the tertiary institutions in Uganda.  Remember her language is part of her trade but when they prevent a world known researcher and publisher from attending a conference, do you think we shall respect what you tell us as an academician?
Where are all the Priests, Scribes, Clerics, Pastors, 77 Dogs and liars?  You are all retaining your silence when you know very well that Minister Mini Skirt Lokodo should not be the Minister of Integrity.
You report Land grabbing as if it were just a minor chat over a cup of tea.  You make a very BIG mistake because now we know that even UPF and UPDF go hungry and get evicted off their land.
Then the silliness of people talking about "Women in politics" when Uganda has a huge population of women MPIglets who do absolutely nothing for the country but go on Facebook to expose how much they do not care about the Girl Child rights or women who deliver babies on cement floors.
May lightning find you also!  If it is important to you, to your family, to your friends and your community, then speak out.  Raise your voice so high that it will be heard all the way from The Mountains of The Moon to Mount Masaba so that the entire Uganda and World can know that Tuli Bakoowu!
And all you in the security forces, please remember that there are projects 890, 909,901, 925, 902, nabalala nabalala. 

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