Thursday, April 6, 2017

#TVO message to #Ugandans about the #AprilRevolution

To the people of Uganda. Today, the 6th of April 2017, over 31 years since Uganda welcomed the people calling themselves liberators, and their leader promised to uphold the values of democracy and good governance. The country is in economic stagnation and has been symbolized by bad governance.
On behalf of the suffering people of Uganda and after almost a decade of social media activism in keeping my fellow citizens informed, I TVO decided to call for the people’s revolution in order for the people to take back their country and secure the future for the generations to come, the people action is known as the April Revolution.
I shall begin by talking about the current state of the nation and that is being the reason for the urgency with which this revolution has to be carried out. The illegitimate regime of Museveni is now just running the country to its grave and impunity with which billions of taxpayer’s money is stolen by Museveni and his associates, has left the ordinary Ugandans vulnerable and surviving from one day to another become a very painful task.
The delivery of social services has totally collapsed and the people of Uganda now have such poor medical facilities and die from simple curable illness like malaria has become a phenomenon and this happens to the millions of our people. Millions are stolen from the state coffers to be used by Museveni’s associates to seek treatment in India, Dubai, South Africa and the western world. This state of affairs has to stop and the people of Uganda will make sure that tax payer’s money is used for the benefit of every Ugandan.
Police brutality and political persecution has become the order of the day. Museveni has formalized the denial of freedom of assembly and uses his security forces to kill the people of Uganda. The recent massacres in western Uganda were carried out with utmost impunity and in order to spit in the face of the people of Uganda, Museveni promoted his murderous security officers who killed hundreds of Ugandans.This state of affairs has put the lives of our people at risk on daily basis and denying them their fundamental rights with be a thing of the past after the April revolution.
Corruption is another cancer that has characterized the Museveni illegitimate regime. The funds and money got from the sale of natural resources is openly stolen and shared by the associates of Museveni family. Our girls dodge school due to lack of sanitary pads as civil servants go months without salaries and many other shortages of delivery of delivery of basic services by a leader who came to power claiming to drain the swamp of corruption only to end up draining in the same swamp. The people will end end this misery through April Revolution which will be a week long series of protests, seatdowns, strikes, boycotts etc starting April 18th.
Unemployment especially of the youths is estimated to be over 85% and instead of introducing strategies like intensive farming and putting money in setting up small scale industries to employ the young people of Uganda, Museveni goes in the light and raids the treasury and gets money and goes to Russia and buys fighter jets worth trillions of money when the country of Uganda is not at war with any nation anywhere. This low priority which is designed to ensure his illegitimate stay in power is another major reason why the people of Uganda will show him exit and take back our country and put the right priorities in place.
In the 21st century, the people of Uganda are now dying from starvation and the regime continues to allocate itself an additional budget. As many of our people continue to die from starvation, Museveni and his family continue to live in extravagancy using our taxpayer’s money as the ordinary Ugandan goes without food.
Last but not least, I would like to assure you the people of Uganda that this revolution is the only way we shall save our very existence. To the members of the security, where the majority are also victims of this regime’s bad governance, I promise you that just like the people protected the members of security forces in Tunisia and Burkina Faso , we the millions of the people of Uganda shall protect you when you come and join in this revolution. The people of Uganda have many credible leaders whom they have voted for in the past and Museveni lost the vote at different levels, so you can be rest assured that there will be trusted and credible transitional leadership at the revolution. For God and My Country.

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