Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stella the country Darling - #Uganda #FreeStellaNyanzi

Stella my love,

I really hope these cowards can bring you to court today. You know they can do anything. They can ferment a crisis so that you don’t appear to get your bail. Should you make it to town; they will argue their hopeless hearts out to deny you freedom. Keep calm and keep that smile on. Let them not wear you down. You know I cannot be with you.

I can only send you this love letter.

You are better than that husband and his wife combined. Because you are not a thief. What you stand for is the real meaning of government - taking care of citizens who pay the taxes. These cannot only not provide pads even after promising them, they can’t provide security.

While you were away, thugs confessed on TV in front of the so called IGP that they are deployed by the state itself to terrorise citizens. They extort money through threats and kill innocent people under the IGP’s watch.

I really wish you get your bail today. We need pads. I mean us, Ugandan men. Each time we see the police and army - we pee in our pants and get loose bowels. We need to pad.

There are no men left in Uganda. If there were, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We are afraid of the police, the army, the spies, jail, tear gas, mosquitoes. We cannot even drop a leaflet that says “ “Mr. B must go” in our neighbourhoods, even in the dark.

We even fear to “like” a facebook post that is considered dangerous, let alone share it. We cannot spare a shilling and for some of us in the Diaspora, a dollar or pound - for the struggling activists except to pray for them “in our hearts”. Hypocrites. We even want TVO to print the opposition messaging leaflets for us! We are a pathetic lot.

Some of us have children to drive to school every morning - that is also a status symbol we must protect. Let’s wait until there is no car to drive and no school to take them to. We have nice houses. Let’s wait to leave them and hide in the bushes in our little villages and when we return, they will have no windows.

And we have beautiful wives - we cannot imagine leaving them even for a night if we get arrested. We fear that other men will sleep with them? Let’s wait until Kayihura’s kifeesi gangs rape them in front of us as we clap- then we might understand why cowardice is a bad thing. Let’s wait to run for our lives to live in Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania until we hear that our wives we loved so much until we could not say a word against these corrupt thieving murderers - are now pregnant – carrying children of other better men.

Stella sweetheart, I pray that you walk today and get us some pads.

We need them more than the girls that caused you this little trouble.

Yours ever,


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