Monday, April 10, 2017

@StatehouseUg freedom fighter calls for opposition change of tactics - #Uganda @IGPUganda @aKasingye

[By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp – 10/04/2017]
Just know the following; Even when choosing your new targets, keep the big picture of the overall struggle in mind and ensure that your tactical struggles are linked and feeds into the overall strategic goals.
This is vital because there is always a relationship between all actions of a dictatorship. It is therefore a mistake for opposition forces to be swayed by the new abuses no matter how terrible they might be.
The change forces must always know that these state actions are interrelated in several ways.
As the government looses grip, many abuses, some absolutely inconceivable will take place. Example is that attack on the palace of the Omusinga in the most disgusting manner. The attack, the arrest, the government’s subsequent actions.
Another example is when you consider the gruesome murder of Kaweesi, Kagezi and others; the thefts, etc., the list is endless. Activists should not allow to be swayed and get diverted from all. For, that nexus is vital in building a sound base for resistance.
So even when the Stella Nyanzi kidnap happens, just form a new committee to handle that but continue with the struggle over the stolen elections. Even when you want to open fight about the criminal land grabs, let the fight over the land issues NOT blackout the 2016 coup.
Because the dictatorship knows people will soon forget the previous atrocities, they have devised ways to commit a new atrocity so it removes you from the previous one.

What this means is that you are in a constant state of managing the today disaster, always reacting to new threats and always forced to be building new forces and groups to counter these new abuses. instead of consolidating and widening the one already existing.
Now the Mumbere debacle is forgotten, the Besigye abuses, the Sejjusa arrests, the murders of Sheiks, etc., are now footnotes in newspaper archives. What all this means you will never reach the critical mass desired to move the revolution forward in a divisive way.
Yes, the momentum around these national betrayals by the dictatorship cannot remain constant, but the case files would remain fresh in the minds of Ugandans.
Those different committees formed would be active, interracting and widining their operational bases. Who now remembers Nebanda, Aronda, those young people abducted like Kakayi Zeridah, Tumuhimbise Norman, those young soldiers framed by military court martial languishing in Luzira and Kigo prisons. Who follows what is happening to Mugumya, and those arrested with Col Dan Opito. Are they alive? For even those not interested in an armed struggle, at least effectively concentrate on such issues.
The mode of operation must change. Tie all the evils together, broaden the committees for each. Get a central coordinating committee to share information on activities etc.
In short, get organised. And have capacity to inform your people. E.g., see the circus, Kayihura's police goes with camera from TV stations to arrest a key suspect in the Kaweesi murder. Who they find sitting under a mango tree waiting for them. He waits as they come running to him. Then he stands up, gives them the hands and they "arrest" him. Even KINIGERIA films or our own bibaawo here are better!
And then that one running to Congo, and now this one who was sleeping with the killer gun in his bed of Nansana! Yet you can’t see them, they never get charged, eventually they disappear in thin air. Do you remember those paraded after Kagezi murder?
The more the state churns out these absurd stories, the more the theories of their own complicity become credible. You wonder if there is really anyone in charge in this country. Does Mr. Museveni follow these things? If he does, how does he get sleep at night? Or has the Mafia taken over after all! In which case the emperor is also being played like the rest of us!!! Let the Orchestra sing on.

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