Saturday, April 15, 2017

Scoudouc River Canoe Run - #Canada #Outdoor

Most of my friends know that we live in a very remote village in Canada.

Today is a canoe run as it is hot now and a good 10 degrees.

Thierry always does this run with Becky who is now in Toronto.  Today's run is with Tasha.

From drop off till pick up is 6hrs of rowing.

I watched the father talk to his kid.  "We will put our phones in the water proof bag in case we flip".

Then says "Nangi come out of the car and help me take off the canoe".

Kid replies "Dad, I am stronger than mom let me take the canoe off with you".

Six hours of rowing on the river and in God's country.  The phone was a must because of the music to stroke every row.

Parenting in Canada is not like Uganda.  Parents have to be engaged all the time.  There are many parties going on this weekend and mostly by young people but ours chose to go row a canoe for 6hrs and spend time with her father.

Thierry always takes the girls outdoors for fishing, camping and their passion for everything water.

Parents must know that outdoors with your kids is bonding time.  I watched the girls catch their fish off their hooks and throw it back into the Lake.  I watched our nephew jump off the boat a Kawartha Lake. Over and over and over.  He always had this silly look on his face.  One time I told Jeremy that he should have been a fish. He laughed and screamed "Nangui, viens.  L'eau est franchiment bonne."

The damn water was so cold like you have any idea.

Nature does an amazing thing to kids.  Parents should try it and see the delight of feeling the wind blowing in your face.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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