Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rose Goslinga: Crop insurance, an idea worth seeding - #Africa #Famine

Denis Wabuyi wrote about insurance and we used this TED talk to try and this was in 2016 and our people in Uganda pay attention.

Uganda is going through a drought and famine.  Yet the government orders SHOOT TO KILL for people who dare go out to line up for free donated food.  If this is not preposterous, then what is?

We watch you reaching out to refugees and yet you will not feed us Ugandans.  What are you thinking?  Must Uganda keep invading the neighbouring countries in order to continue the influx of rif rafs you claim are refugees when you actually funded Museveni to invade these countries and keep his army in those countries?  Have you not thought?  #UgandaLivesMatter

Martha Leah Nangalama


Proudly Canadian born in Uganda

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