Saturday, April 8, 2017

@PoliceUg will release Dr. Stella Nyanzi - the sooner the better for #Uganda

Arrest one of us and two more will come out.
Dr. Nyanzi is going to be paraded in court in Kampala on Monday but we will have live coverage via media who might not be allowed but our people have smart phones so even the security people will send us information and videos which we will show to the whole world.
The arrest of Nyanzi must be condemned by everyone who needs food.  When hungry Ugandans showed up to get donated food by FDC, they were tear gassed and shot at.  The images and videos are global.
The arrest of Nyanzi must be condemned by everyone who believes in education for the academicians in Uganda are always going on strike begging for minuscule salaries which never arrive on time. 
Arresting Nyanzi must be condemned by all opposition leaders for she was the one who dared go to the maximum security prison Luzira to visit Dr. Kizza Besigye when he was incarcerated when others did not dare do it.
Stella's arrest must be condemned by all the sick people for she fights for medical health for all Ugandans.
Where are all the women in the parliament of Uganda?  Do they fear not having their convoys of 7 cars with body guards taken away?  Tell you what; AIGP Kaweesi had more and was in charge of your security and you let him be gunned down.
The lawyers in Uganda are not worth their title for when did they ever speak up and speak loudly when Govt Prosecutor Joan Kagezi was gunned down?
Our priests, pastors and muslim clerics remain mute when they know very well that academia shapes brains who when desperate turn to God or Allah for deliverance via their 77 DOGS and Holly Rice.
Why is the media not boycotting coverage on everything for the regime to show solidarity for their journalists who get beat up on live camera and end up disabled from broken legs or spines?
The Kingdoms still remain silent for Kings, Princes and Princesses are afforded different protection from the regulars and this might be the reason why Kabaka and Mumbeere are silent as their people get killed.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Her Royal Princess Leah from the East.  Remember that the Wise Men came from the East.  I hope the thunder sitting on the fence will stop watching and strike you tomorrow.  I will be releasing documents about Uganda which I have been holding onto.  We are at war and we will win without guns.  The Fight Continues!

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