Friday, April 14, 2017

No bush generals in govt by 2021 - #Uganda @KagutaMuseveni @IGPUganda

In 2013 when Gen. David Sejusa (Tinyefunza) issued a letter asking IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura to invest rumours of the Muhoozi Project, not only were the Monitor offices raided but Gen. Sejusa sought asylum in UK.

I watched Ugandans mocking him with one Aronda saying that Sejusa was just a disgruntled man.

Others said he had gone to UK to spy for President Gen. Yoweri Museveni to return with files of dissidents.

How many of you rememember that Sejusa's brother was killed while he was in exile?  How about him not burying his beloved mother in law.  Then he also did not bury his father.

So this is a man who had gone to UK to spy for Museveni.  Then would he not have flown home to bury his loved ones?

He soon returned home.  His home was laid under siege and it took our beloved Gen. Elly Tumwine to break the impasse.

Fearing an election fall out, the good General was jailed in Luzira.  The court martial General who threw the case out following the High Court ruling soon dropped dead.  Very much like the magistrate who had the audacity to summon Kalyekyezi to show up at the Makindye court.  He was a Mugisu by the names of Masaba because The Wise Men came from The East!

Uganda proceeded to kill Aronda and we got the CCTV footage from Dubai.

Then more business men, politicians, doctors, opposition youth.  Nabalala nabalala.

I am sure Gen. AIP Kaweesi, Gen. Aronda are crying in their beers with Gen. Kazini, Kayiira and and Mayombo saying "it was right there but we were too busy torturing, maiming, killing and building mansions".

I am sure Dr. Henry Obonyo joins them every once in a while.

So do you now see what Gen. Sejusa warned you about?  Because there shall be no Bush Generals and you know any of you is Project 890 or 902.

#AprilRevolution is upon you.  You can't arrest an idea whose time has come.

Watch Col. Samson Mande show up!

But wakyili these days we can camp at your funerals and eat good food for 3 days while Tubonga nawe plays in the background. Engalabi! How many cancer machines did you buy anyway?

Martha Leah Nangalama

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