Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nataka Kulewa (Official Music Video HD) - #DiamondPlatnumz

Some of my long time followers know that our family lived in Nairobi for some years.

Nairobi rocked.  I have written about our Mr. Tortoise when we drained the swimming pool to keep or friend in it and then had to swim in the river.

We also had a family of porcupines but do not ask how many times the mother stabbed us when we went to play with her babies.

Then one time we locked ourselves out of the house when there were no adults and father was called by a neighbour because Mr. Giraffe came to eat the branches off the trees in the front yard and we thought he was gonna eat us and we screamed louder than you have no idea.

Then of course all my siblings speak impeccable Swahili but I was only confined to English. Perhaps this is the reason why I am particular about the English language.

One cannot live in Kenya without knowing big words.  I mean BIG words.  Words which can get you sent to your room for using them.  But they are not so bad because in 2014 I heard NRM CEC use a big one.  Kumanyoko.  My sister told me she would punish me for it but I knew she had to fly to Canada so that was an empty threat.

Recently however, big words have taken over speech in Uganda.  Words such as Matako.  Apparently President Yoweri Museveni is just Matako.  Ensi eno!

Back to this song.  Someone just told me that the song says "I wanna get high".  What is wrong with it anyway since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is legalizing weed so that we can all get high on something!

Hakuna Matata.  It means NO WORRIES!

Martha Leah Nangalama

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