Friday, April 28, 2017

My brother's keeper - #Uganda

Life stories make a difference way more than plans laid out in board rooms. Today I shared a story of one person that wants to sell off land and house to feed his family.

I had written this story with a heavy heart and broken spirit because I had felt like I couldn't help anymore but I did not share at first because I thought it worthless.

Then today at 4 am, the time I normally awake to read, I instead went to my Facebook page and scrolled through my recent posts when I came to this very post that I had not shared.

I copied and pasted it in one WhatsApp Group. In less than 10 minutes I received a message from mobile money.

A follow up message went thus:


I never take anything for granted.  I will never do it.  Every time I face a challenge, I say "Thank you God for everything".  God never gives you more than you can handle.  So I thank Him with every breath.

Some times.  In fact all the time.  A broken person only needs to see a tiny ray of hope."

I am thankful that a person will hold on a month and maybe there may be a way out.

Social Media is useless until you use it responsibly.


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