Thursday, April 27, 2017

Museveni killed cooperatives to ensure impoverishment - #Uganda

Many Ugandans who were not born under President Yoweri Museveni's regime remember being sent to the best schools and if we fell sick, the hospitals were equipped by the best doctors and with equipment.
I am a living example of the regimes before Museveni for no one can even think that Bududa Hospital could perform head surgery and yet they managed to take a tumour out of my head.
People who praise Museveni are either too young and do not know or too stupid to read the history of their country or too gullible to think they will be flown to India or Europe for medical attention.
If you look at Uganda now, Museveni has sold every parastatal that belonged to Ugandans, killed off investments, vested hiself and the witch and dumb boy to run the country.
Not once did Uganda never pay their soldiers, teachers, police, medics, civil servants until this thug regime.
I previously wrote about how to destroy a country.  You must kill education.  Because then people will not talk. You must silence dissenters and intimidate media so that journalists do not talk.  You must let people go hungry so that for the want of food, they will become beggars in their own country.  
Ugandans have never been beggars.  We are on the Equator and can grow food all year.  So you must take the land from the people and if they dare fight for their land, you deploy guns to kill the ones fighting for their land just so they can grow food and feed their families.  When you are done, you get a BITCH to tell hungry people to buy Food Flasks and put cake in it.
Many people in opposition and mostly FDC hate Nandala Mafabi.  They have no idea that he was the one left standing when Museveni killed off all the cooperatives and BCU is still strong but sadly some regime idiots keep saying Nandala Mafabi stole sh. 9 million from BCU.  HOW?  Simply being paid sh. 1m does not mean that others wait for that kind of money.  Nandala Mafabi is a lawyer and businessman and lately he is back with the World Bank on something.  But this is a question of killing education and ensuring that people remain stupid.  STUPID is when you think your vote is worth sh.1,000 and then the MP never shows up to put water in your hospital or fix the deadening roads he or it drives on because they can use a helicopter.  Stupid is when you celebrate the NRM chief whip coming to Bududa, the yellows give you rice and meat and you forget to ask why the hospital has no ambulance, running water or electricity.
Back to the cooperatives.  They had to die because they were empowering Ugandans.  Museveni hates empowered people.  So all of them except BCU died.  Then as much as you might hate this, the blue eyed boy who is related to Museveni shows up and sets up the most successful cooperative in Western Uganda.  Then writes a book.  Then Ugandans go ohlalala he is so smart.  They do not ask why and how he got there.  Then Africa Coffee is the sensation.  DAMN you all.  Bugisu coffee should be the sensation.  In any case you all know that Western Uganda only produces Robusta.  Us in the mountains, we produce Arabica.
To get this whole scheme going, Museveni sent out his agents to Mount Masaba and Teso and told people there was no money in coffee so they had to uproot their coffee and plant oranges and mangada because these would sell.  AGAIN, it was because education had been killed.  We have enough fruits off Tirinyi Road and did not have to plant more.  When in season, mangoes, oranges, mangada are all over the country.  Meanwhile with coffee being that it is not a perishable, we can sell it all year round.
The sons and daughters let their elders down but given that their education had been so diluted they did not stop to think about international commerce.  You will never find that kind of shit in Bududa because I would have stopped it.
So now that all the cooperatives are dead and Andrew Rugasira runs the coffee business and empowers his people...BANG!  His company just got shut down by that witch Akullo something from URA.  Rugasira had a good ride and I am sure he has money off shore.  But this ugly Pig Akullo is being used and URA keeps killing Ugandan businesses and this woman will likely get a bad belly ache after her fiasco with the Oil handshake.  Then she had the audacity to demand taxation on the food (5,000 tons) which China had donated to Uganda to help hunger.  I suppose that she went to law school at Gulu University and hence does not know much about China.  Today Uganda is the 25th province of China and owns Uganda.  The 24th province is Zimbabwe.  Sibalimba.  Zim has now adopted the Yuan as their national currency since people cannot really take goats to schools to pay school fees for their kids.  But I digress...get used to this.
Back to why perishables should never have replaced none perishables. Coffee needs no reefer (temperature controlled transportation) and can go by ocean freight.  Maximum cost per kilo to ship is $0.10.  Sailing time is something like 28 days to major ports of call.
Perishables must go by Air Freight or by reefer on Ocean Freight.  By Air, shipment from Uganda is something like $3.50kg to NYC or Toronto.  Then it is fresh because it was picked up yesterday.  By Ocean freight, you face the refeer charges since the temperature has to be maintained for that fruit or veggie.  So instead of $0.10 per kilo you are now looking at $0.85 per kilo.  Meanwhile, you have Morocco, Chile, South Africa and India which fly the same products using their own airlines or charters for $0.85 per kg to arrive 2 days after the fruits and vegetables have been picked.  So which buyer is gonna wait for 2mths for things to arrive from Uganda?
Uganda also has a big disadvantage.  Certification.  They have done a bit of work and gotten some exporters certified but if you think that they only export $2.4b you have to ask yourself questions.  The next big one is Traceability.  This will bite right left and centre.  I will only help for the coffee and let Kyambadde and her geniuses figure out the whole EU traceability.  There are other certifications needed as well. 
Martha Leah Nangalama, Moncton, Canada

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