Thursday, April 27, 2017

Museveni is not a thug and Janet is not an idiot - #Uganda

When president Yoweri Museveni referred to opposition as swines and wolves, it was allegorical.  Very much like him calling none Westerners Anyanyas.

So when some of us call him and idiot it is also allegorical. He meant no insult and we mean no insult.

Lately some praisers complain why Museveni is called a Banus or why his wife is called an air head matako.  No idea why anyone would take such seriously.  She is not an airhead till she opens her mouth.  He is not a Banus till he talks about sleep and peace.

If all the people who get mad at matako and airhead could diffuse it all, we would all be at the beach.

Remember that Museveni is not a servant and Kataha forgave Stella for I even have no idea why!  Likely for Stella calling someone an airhead with a tiny something something. Nebilala.

Martha Leah Nangalama

PS: come and also arrest me but maybe your Uganda Airlines will need clearance.

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