Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#Museveni did not give #Ugandans freedom of speech - he gave you #poverty

Do not fool yourself or the world and your colleagues saying Museveni gave you freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is one's right to express their opinion without censorship or restraint even if that censorship or restraint is from Uganda Poor Youth or NRM Poor Youth!  If you do not like what people have to say, hit the magic button and plain stay away from them.  OR fix the damn issue they are complaining about.  
If Museveni gave you freedom of speech, why does your voice not sound loud?  Why are you hungry? Why are you sick? Why are you impoverished? Why are you unemployed? Why do your people get murdered daily when you have freedom of speech.  For if the freedom of speech he gave you was worth the words coming out of his mouth "I am not a servant. I work for my family", they you would know that you have no freedom of speech.
Some of you are all over Fakebook (FBZero) and in WhatsApp groups saying at least he gave you the freedom to use technology and diss people while abusing total strangers.  Is Museveni Bill Gates or Steve Jobbs?  He has never invented a damn thing except blindfolding people as he murders your relatives and dances on the graves of the dead.
So your freedom of speech.  Do you want to tell the world why all opposition were arrested, tortured, maimed and killed?  Oh, I guess they do not qualify for having freedom of speech.
Then some of you even have UPE degrees and still say he is the best leader.  What leader stands in front of a crowd and says he is not going to serve the nation but thank you very much you owe it to him and his clan to eternally be enslaved to him and the hooligans, thugs, liars, tifs and imbeciles who even go on live TV saying #MuseveniPakalast?  OR the fools who demand to have brand new cars (as if they campaigned on foot) while you all beg all of us to raise money to send people to India for medical treatment?  Do you not have hospitals in Uganda?  OR medical doctors?  Can you not use your freedom of speech to equip the hospitals and pay your medics and put medicine in all your hospitals?
Your freedom of speech has not stopped land grabbing or enslaving your relatives in IDP camps.  Has it?  Did it stop families from being evicted off their lands at gun point and with tear gas to boot? Did your freedom of speech stop your forests from being destroyed such that you end up lamenting to the world about HUNGER and Famine sijui Climate Change?  Why did you not use your freedom of speech?
Then you shut down schools.  You shut down the best University.  You kick vendors off streets. You destroy the kiosks of suffering low income earners.  You burn down markets.  You evict people in tears.  You arrest mothers with babies.  You run over venders and break their legs.  You kill babies because you want to have a clean Kampala since you have freedom of speech.
Go ahead.  Enjoy your freedom of speech but dare not complain about the ones who actually know how to use their freedom of speech.  May thunder strike your goat or cow and you see what it feels like to have dead animals all around you as you die of starvation because you love your cows too much to eat them.  Damn!  I forgot that Luweero and Isingiro are Budhists.
Screw your freedom of speech.  At least I am using mine.
Martha Leah Nangalama
#AprilRevolution is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Deal with it.  Maybe I should remind you that you kneel and beg for food and MBs because you would rather enjoy the freedom of speech that Museveni gave you.

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