Thursday, April 13, 2017

@mlnangalama will never go into politics in #Uganda or #Canada @KagutaMuseveni @IGPUganda @aKasingye @PoliceUg

Since 2013, many Ugandans have asked if I am preparing for a political position.  The answer is NO.

I funded small Agriculture projects in Uganda because my people are hungry and helping a few families to feed their kids and pay for their education was only natural.

I paid for trees to be planted in Uganda because deforestation is devastating and you now see the drought biting into Uganda's GDP.

I advocated for education and still do because Education develops a nation.

I write a lot about the pathetic health care in Uganda because I am sick of reading about car washes to fly sick people to India or UK and it would be better to build a strong health care system in Uganda.

I advocate for Human Rights because my people are being killed or maimed daily.

The roads are terrible because of rampant corruption.

I wrote about the inflated costs for the Oil Refinery, Pipeline and the SGR because when all money given for projects is stolen, the people suffer and end up paying through the teeth.

When vendors are evicted at gun point with KCCA saying they are cleaning up Kampala, you must wonder where the vendors end up.

Corruption is a cancer and every Ugandan must speak out loudly about this so that the world can hear.

Ugandans were slaughtered so what does politics have to do with it when a LoP can cut a cake as bombs are being dropped on her people and her people are being thrown into rivers and mass graves. Perhaps one of the main reasons why one should not go into politics in Uganda.

You shut down one of Africa's best universities and offered the students to go to prison if they could not travel upcountry to their homes.  In the Makerere shut down, many people in Wandegeya and other parts of Kampala went out of business.

You shoot kids on live camera.  You kill opposition and imprison them and brag about it.  So what is political about this?  You must realise that anyone with a voice would come out and talk about this madness.

The best performance, however, remains the fact that you demolish schools and kick out Green Hill Academy because it provides competition for your kids who learn under mango trees.

POLITICS?  Never.  This is a fight for the voices of my people who have no voice.  I am aware that I will likely also get arrested since one of your best researchers is in the cooler as we speak.  Dr. Stella Nyanzi is not up for a ministerial appointment as some IDIOTS have implied.  She speaks to the suffering of our people by the Pig Sty dwellers who get flown to Germany to have babies or to India to get treated for cancer.  She also speaks about the pathetic education in our country whose Education Minister has a very tiny brain and vagina with a husband who only shows Matako.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: TRex might fire me after this message but believe me, I will go into teaching or trading equities, options and forex.  My VOICE is not for sale and "Politics is Stage Acting for Ugly People"!

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