Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Friends from Uganda have told me that they are afraid to speak out about injustice and suffering.

Friends have asked if I work for Dictator Museveni.

Some have asked me if I spy for NRM.

Others have asked me why I advocate for Gay Rights.

Below are the answers:

1.  I have never once worked for President Yoweri Museveni and will never work for him. I speak for the nation Uganda and no money will never buy my voice for my people because I can get money in other ways without selling out my brethren.

2. Martha Leah Nangalama has never been a spy for the National Robbers' Movement (NRM) and will never be a spy for them.

3. On the Gay Rights, I am on record for condemning the persecution of LBTI because not once did Jesus say "Kill the gays" and yet the pretentious Christians and Muslim Clerics in Uganda were calling for it.  I warned you all and I still do warn you that fascists pick on one group and move onto the next group.  You should never have condemned Gay people to die or live in jail forever because once you got that bill (which was rescinded), you watched and read about 16 Muslim clerics being gunned to death.  But if that is not lesson enough, who killed Joan Kagezi, Aronda and Kaweesi?  You pick on a minority group and think you are safe until they massacre hundreds (maybe even thousands) in Kasese and you say RIP.  No one shall rest in peace until all the deaths are avenged.

I get all the information from Uganda and mostly your own media. Your inability to read is not my problem and if you have no MBs (data), then TGE because it is becoming KTM.

I publish sensitive information but if you do not pay your people in UPF, UPDF and the Intelligent organisations, they will talk.

I have a degree in Information which involves Information Research.  This requires digging for information via publications, phone calls, sms messages and Social Media.

I am not your enemy.  In fact, the Uganda government benefits from the information I share as much as the opposition.  NEVER SHOOT THE MESSENGER.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Staff Network Infrastructure Analyst
Exxonmobil Business Support Center, Canada
I come with solid IT skills and Social Media. Believe it, even if  Exxon sacked me tomorrow I will walk away with more money than any of you in Uganda will make in a life time and my kids will be well looked after.


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