Friday, April 7, 2017

Kids say the darnest things - #Education #Parenting #NB411

One time we had to attend the school production at Shediac Cape School.

The Principal (HM) always starts talking to parents and guardians before the kids display their talents.

One kid in kindergarten had told the Principal "Ms Evans, you are the best principal ever".

A five year old had determined that his principal was the best ever.

The kid also had only one teacher who was the best ever; Miss Rose.

Then Rheal keeps being told that he is the best yellow bus driver ever.

Gives Uganda something to think about.  Many of those 92% unemployed university graduates say Museveni is the best president ever.

At least our 5yr olds will grow up to know better but Ugandan kids will never know better because even at age 23yrs upon graduating with a degree, you go up to 15yrs without a job and still think your president is the best!

Here kids will write to the Prime Minister of Canada and ask why the unemployment level is 6.9% but Ugandans praise their leader with a whopping 92% unemployment rate!

Enjoy your peace and sleep being sure that you will be in Middle Income Status by 2020!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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