Friday, April 7, 2017

Kids need sports and #Canada #NB411 provides it

What a day!

I was finally dragged into the school to meet all the teachers.

Mini and I did not sleep well but life happens.

So after the meetings with all the teachers in between coughing, we returned home.

The soup was thrown up.  The Gatorade was thrown up.  But we are troopers "I am not going to miss this tournament tonite".

This weekend is another provincial tournament but this time it is in Moncton (our turf) so all the other kids have to drive in or fly in.

Tonight was singles.  Saturday will be doubles same gender and doubles for mixed doubles.

Sunday will be finals.  You people have no idea how hard these kids.  They must play competitive and still retain grades.

Moncton High School is a great location for these competitions and all the teachers are aware of the competitors in every game and take time to help them with school work they miss on Fridays.  Most every kid misses school every Friday of a tournament.  No idea how many parents miss work for each tournament.

In the end despite being sick, we got gold.

Natasha is Martha Leah Nangalama's daughter.

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