Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kids need sports and #Canada #NB411 does it best

This weekend's provincial tournament was on our turf.  Last weekend was in Bathurst and the weekend before was in Saint John.  The Provincials are now finished.  Next weekend we are back at the Atlantics where our Moncton kids will have to play against kids from the 4 Maritime Provinces. Their coaches prepare them well and it will be in Truro.

It is not that these kids keep winning medals, it is that they have to balance school, part time jobs and play the game they love.  Every tournament involves them missing school on Fridays and they still have to do the school work.  Their teachers and coaches help them to manage.  Yesterday Mini was so sick we were at the doctor's and then to the school and she still had to play.  But kids who play sports and participate in music will blow you away.  They are very focused and make no mistake about it. They demand to excel in everything.

This is not easy to say about my home country Uganda but when it comes to Canada, the entire system is set up to raise kids who will be great citizens when they vote.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons Canada does not have silly things going on because to Build a Nation, you must start with Education and raise Responsible Children.

We got Gold in Singles and Gold in Doubles but only Bronze in Mixed Doubles.  

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