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Kaweesi murder suspect is a CMI operative; Kalekyezi stripped naked #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @StateHouseUg @aKasingye

Hassan Tumusiime, one of the 13 suspects that appeared in court for their alleged role in the Kaweesi murder is a long time CMI operative.   With roots in Ibanda, Hassan was linked to the ADF rebellion in the late 90s before he crossed over to work for CMI.  In his late 30s, the semi-illiterate and opium-addicted Hassan Tumusiime holds extremist Islamic stand and is a potential Kifeesi.

Given the trend of events pertaining to the alleged controversies in the investigations, it is more likely that the 13 suspects were arrested by the CMI/SFC faction of the inter-agency investigation team.  That is why IGP Kalekyezi did not talk about it during his press conference yesterday.  Even that hastly arranged press conference where some suspects were paraded and stage-managed into confessions was just diversionary and meant to overshadow the Kaweesi murder suspect appearance in court.

Thirty people were paraded at Katwe Police station yesterday by IGP Kalekyezi over their alleged links with the group that has of recent been terrorising different parts of the countryside.   Three of the sampled alleged suspects who were made to make confessions before journalists concurred on the following issues:
1.  They were being mobilised from different parts of Kampala.
2.  They were taken to Mt. Zion Hotel in Kampala which was the collection center.
3.   Once at the Hotel they were placed under guard and not allowed to leave.
4.   They were given house breaking implements and were being taken to Masaka to spread terror among the population.

However, one of the them disclosed that their planning meetings were organised and secured by the Police with its patrol cars.  "..........we were taken to Mt. Zion Hotel in Kampala where we were told to be taken to Masaka for work.  I found my other colleagues confined and at the entrance there were police guards who never allowed anyone to get out“.   He went ahead to disclose that the Police guards at the exit had strict orders of shooting to kill anyone who dared leave the room.  Asked by Journalists to identify the clothes the alleged Police personnel were putting on, he pointed at the Khaki cap of the police officer who was present at the press conference.

"They were dressed like him in Khaki."  Realising the embarrassment and a sense of betrayal that engulfed the room, IGP Kalekyezi signalled his officers who whisked the suspect away before he could finish his story.

To cover up the shame, the irritated IGP simply said; "That one is confused but if you have evidence of a Police officer involved in criminality, I will deal with them."   He swiftly switched to diversion and cover up by linking the alleged attacks to criminal gangs to politics.  "There is some intelligence information that some political affiliations want to create fear and outrage among the population by throwing leaflets.  They say one of the biggest achievement of this government is security and are trying to discredit it.  We are still building that notion of politics but we have not yet concluded."

Both the alleged Kaweesi murder suspects and the criminal gangs were in good health, shape, smartly dressed and not in distress.  Museveni's security agencies gruesomely torture such suspects which is
suspiciously not the case with the suspects they are parading.  Imagine the Mayor of Kamwenge who was simply suspected in the same case, held and later released after gruesome torture to such an extent
that he may never be able to walk again.

For all those who know how Museveni has invested in a 24/7 security watch on Kampala and its environs, there is no way a criminal gang can successfully assemble over 250 youth in a hotel, issue house breaking tools and assemble private transportation to ferry them to Masaka for criminal attacks.  It’s only the Police who can do that as confirmed by one of the alleged suspects before he was silenced. 

I am afraid that fellow who 'let the cat out of the bag' (messed up the dirty scheme) may be subjected to forced disappearance.  Human rights organisations need to make a follow up to ensure his safety.  Why did a whole Police Chief take the trouble to physically move to a small police station in the city suburb and be the one to parade the confessing suspects?  Why were these suspects not taken to the notorious Nalufenya and treated as terrorists as is always the case?

In criminal justice, legally binding confessions are made before a Judicial Officer and not to Journalists. Where is ULS, UHRC, Judiciary, DPP, HR orgs in condemning this backward practice that is taking root?

It is highly likely that these are stage managed suspects being paraded to dupe gullible Ugandans.  Kalekyezi's father was extradited to Rwanda-Urundi during colonial administration because of uncivilised treacherous activities.

Watch the space.

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