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#Kaweesi family accuses @PoliceUg @IGPUganda @aKasingye of shoddy work - #Uganda

Late Felix Kaweesi’s family members last night came out to condemn the lukewarmness with which the police leadership and other security agencies have conducted investigations so far.

Speaking on behalf of the distraught family members, the deceased’s cousin brother Leo Ruyinda said at Red Pepper offices last evening that he was surprised none of the investigating agencies’ heads has found it necessary to speak to him yet he was among those who were with Kaweesi for much of Thursday before his assassination on Friday morning the next day.

“I was always very close to him as a relative and friend. He always told me his private things and all that. On Thursday he rang me at 10am and said come to Naguru. We left Naguru for lunch at a restaurant opposite hardware world in Ntinda. We were the two of us and after lunch we went to Barclays Bank where he withdrew money and gave me to go do his errands. I’m surprised which investigations if at all are these people duping Ugandans to be carrying out if nobody has bothered to take some of the information I have regarding Kaweesi’s last day on earth. In fact in a normal country I would be treated as a suspect but this is Uganda where anything goes,” said Ruyinda.

His closeness to late Kaweesi was corroborated by the deceased’s brother Vincent Kayitana Musoni who introduced him to mourners as one who personally knew Kaweesi’s secrets than even the widow.
Kaweesi brother Leo Ruyinda during the Red Pepper interview
“I can confirm what Musoni said to mourners because there is no single private decision Kaweesi took without seeking my opinion. I knew everything including the money he has on the account. How do you do investigations without interrogating me? I have useful information because even those life threatening messages he would show them to me. It’s true there are many in police who felt he was standing in their way to make deals. One time I told him why don’t you let that one pass and he told me ‘Leo eno yensi yaffe yokka era tetusobola kuleka abantu ababi kugirya nga tutunula [this is our only country and we can’t let evil people destroy it when we are looking on],” said Ruhinda as he struggled to hold back tears.

He says Kaweesi used to tell him some of the big men in police that were after his life “but his biggest problem was to underestimate his enemies; he always said ‘ha what can that one do to me? I will stick to the truth and won’t allow [them] to have that deal.”

He said every time they met with Kaweesi, he always showed him a new message threatening his life but the late always encouraged him “don’t worry brother we shall handle.” Ruyinda’s narrative is to the effect that Kaweesi’s pursuers in the force had always invested in antagonizing him with IGP Kayihura “and felt bad when he came back even more powerful as police publicist.”

Ruyinda then complained about leaders of this country-specifically President Museveni, Kayihura and Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa. The family is angry with Kayihura that senior officers who have been insisting on proper investigations are being punished examples being Dr. Yiiga and Counter-Intelligence boss John Ndungutse.

Ruyinda says the family feels betrayed that Yiiga was demoted and relegated to a smaller docket simply because he insisted on arresting the guys who were caught scooping blood at Kaweesi’s murder scene. 

“He insisted on what is right by arresting those guys and insisting on their interrogation but instead was punished. Mr. Barooza who disrespected him on phone and attacked him for arresting those guys is instead being pampered. Those guys and Barooza who protected them haven’t been interrogated at all yet it’s important to tell us where were they taking my brother’s blood? Are they cannibals? We were there and heard how Barooza was insulting Dr. Yiiga on phone and nothing was done to him as if police doesn’t have a disciplinary committee. How can a junior officer insult his superior like that? This is where we feel the President has betrayed us as a family because those guys scooping the blood should be questioned.”

Ruyinda added that;  “John Ndungutse personally came to the scene and arrested those guys but has since been threatened by some people in the police calling his act unnecessary interference and that he defied orders from above not to touch the blood scoopers. We separately learnt that, for insisting on inclusion of this blood-scooping lead to be part of the investigations major leads, Ndungutse has been demonized to the IGP as a bad man and his days are numbered. He is on the verge of being fired from his post simply because he is among those police bosses insisting that the family members should be listened to as part of these investigations because they know how the late privately thought about his adversaries in the force,” said a source.

Ruyinda added the family was unhappy with Kutesa because his foreign affairs Ministry had hurriedly issued a diplomatic note in favor of Barooza introducing him to Algerian authorities as a high profile government official.  

Sources revealed Kutesa’s ministry had helped arrange for Barooza (who is officially going for further studies) to travel to Algeria like a king because he is travelling with his family-wife and children. Arrangements have even been made for them to enroll in international schools and even an interpreter has been contracted to translate things for the family since Algeria is a Muslim country.

“This is angering us because he is the one who attacked Dr. Yiiga who as a family we felt was doing the right thing. Yiiga has been punished and Barooza is being glorified. As a family we believe he should be questioned as to why he was opposed to the interrogation of those guys scooping the bloodied soil by Dr. Yiiga and Ndungutse,” said another Kaweesi family member.

The family now wants Parliament to summon Kutesa and Kayihura to explain why Barooza is being pampered whereas professionals like Yiiga and Ndungutse are being persecuted.

“What did we do as a family to deserve such treatment? The president, the IGP and Parliament have all turned their back on us and we believe our brother died in vain,” said another family member.

We separately learnt that a group of opposition MPs are planning to insist on grilling of IGP and Kutesa regarding the secretive circumstances under which Barooza’s travel to Algeria is being expedited.

Reliable sources show that a lot of money has been set aside for the man’s luxurious enjoyment and he is flying out VIP style on Wednesday this week for Algiers. This is something many senior officers aren’t happy about and they believe the mishandling of the Kaweesi inquiry is going to dent the force’s image like never before given the dust MPs are planning to raise for Gen Kale and Kutesa’s dubious technocrats at foreign affairs ministry.

“Who is Barooza if even the President can be accountable? How can they claim to be investigating without interrogating such a potentially very useful witness?” ranted a youthful NRM MP who was friendly to Kaweesi and had just finished talking to the family before connecting them to the media.

The family also complained about Kaweesi’s successor Kasingye arguing he is very hostile to them each time they approach him inquiring why the blood scoopers were being handled with kids’ gloves.

“He is just there enjoying the limelight but forgets that those who took Kaweesi’s innocent life are within the Force and will come for him as well some day,” said a Kaweesi family member.


Kaweesi Family Attacks Police

By Our Reporters Late Felix Kaweesi's family members last night came out to condemn the lukewarmness with which the police leadership and other security agencies have conducted investigations so far.

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