Tuesday, April 4, 2017

@KagutaMuseveni's directive bites - Army Major "sorted out" - #Uganda @UPDFSpokesman

Following the murder of a Museveni regime's top cadre last week by men riding motorcycles, Museveni directed security officers to shoot on sight any riders who suspiciously trail them as they drive.  " alert if you are armed.  If someone is following you on boda-boda get out and sort out yourselves.  Take action immediately."

The above directive was widely condemned as being reckless, irresponsible, unfortunate, insensitive and outrageous.  Hardly two weeks since he issued the directive, last week a Prison Warder 'sorted out' a senior army officer, Maj. Erasmus Tinka.

Maj. Tinka who was the Zonal Army Pensions Officer for Masindi zone had his office on the same block housing the RDC's office in Masindi town.  On the fateful evening, he had allegedly gone back to the
office to pick his laptop.  He was riding a motorcycle and in the company of his girlfriend.  It is reported that on seeing the motorcycle, the Prison Warder who had been guarding the RDC's office took cover in the toilet.  After picking his laptop, Maj. Tinka is said to have dashed to the same toilet to answer nature's call.  It is the toilet that a scuffle ensued and the Prison Warder shot him dead amidst pleading by the victim that he was an army officer.  The Prison Warder was arrested and Maj. Tinka has been buried.

However, some questions remain unanswered:
1.  Since when did Prison Warders do guard duties at the offices of the RDC?  Sometime back we wrote a piece; LOOMING CATASTROPHE AS MUSEVENI MOVES TO 'PROFESSIONALIZE' THE UGANDA PRISON SERVICES.

2.  Can the Prison Warder successfully plead self defence in view of the fact that there had been an office break in on the same block a few days earlier?  Moreover, Museveni had issued a directive to 'sort
out' motorcycle dealers.

3.  Did the Prison Warder expect the army officer to visit the toilet thus he had wait for him there? What if he had simply left after picking his laptop without visiting the toilet?

4.  Was the entire office complex guarded by only one Prison Warder?

5.  How much public outcry and regime condemnation would have been generated if Maj. Tinka had been as notoriously oppressive, corrupt, sectarian, malicious, murderer etc.  as the much publicised recently slain, Cadre Kaweesa?

For gullible Ugandans, the murder of Maj. Tinka is a usual isolated incident.


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