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Joseph Kony; another suitable Museveni police chief - #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @UPDFspokesman

Joseph Kony; another suitable Museveni police chief

The LRA leader, Joseph Kony is an army General who commands a notorious ragtag rebel outfit that brutally abducts, maims, kills, and loots.

The Museveni regime police is another ragtag outfit that brutally abducts, illegally detains, tortures, extorts, steals, robs, maims and kills Ugandans.  Like LRA, it is commanded by an army General,
Kalekyezi who has never been trained in any form of civilian policing.  He is presiding over a rotten police force that has lost public confidence.  However, the regime continues to enjoy its performance because it fits into its secret policy of having a brutal police force that spreads fear among the public while suppressing all forms of political dissent.

During a recent pass, out of senior police officers, Gen Kalekyezi cautioned them against eagerness to accumulate wealth thus; ".........this system of grabbing wealth from all angles should stop.  Don’t rush for this lucrative wealth because it will lead you into problems.  The most criticism for the public is that these officers are competing to have wealth quickly, many of you have been accused of accumulating wealth in indecent ways."  This is the same police chief who in August 2014 flew the police helicopter to then KMP commander, Cadre Kaweesi's home village to grace the entry of the latter’s newly constructed multi-billion village mansions where he urged other police officers to emulate Kaweesi.  He has excelled in aggressively protecting police officers who have committed crimes and in particular economic crimes for personal enrichment in return for loyalty.

He went ahead to state that police officers had been making mistakes in operations because they lacked some critical skills.  He declared; "I want to assure you that most of the mistakes which officers have been making in the field are due to lack of training.  Majority of officers have been doing their operations on guess work.  What I can assure you is that you will not see any mistakes from police officers anymore."  He went ahead to disclose that some of the graduates had made mistakes during the 2016 elections because they lacked skills.

"After realising that they made some mistakes during the last elections, we sent them for a course which they have completed."  He added; "You have finished the course; you are in the spotlight.  You are going back to your stations and I will give you marks; and anybody that fails to deliver will be sacked."  He disclosed that the force was "trying to fill the loopholes in the training of junior and senior officers.  We have been able to formulate courses for all levels of command and Directors are the next in line."

The 'mistakes' he was referring to is where police commanders either acted professionally or were overwhelmed by public vigilance in asserting for their rights. The so called 'training' is nothing but a
cadre development scheme through political indoctrination and reassurance of protection for gross human rights violations in return for loyalty.

Nothing can change the stinking image of the regime police force as long as its secret mission is still top on the agenda.  The following heartbreaking incidents that have taken place a few days back paint a
bleak picture of the situation:
1.  Last week an Inspector of Police in Kamuli, Edward Osiye raped a female victim of domestic violence who had gone to the station to seek justice.  Osiye who was formerly a Local Admin Police was praised by IGP Kalekyezi for constructing a police post before instantly promoting him to the rank of Inspector of Police.
2.  Two weeks ago Flying Squad officers shot dead a three-year-old toddler and fatally injured its mother and another person when they had illegally been hired to arrest someone.
3.  Two days ago in Tororo, Inspector of Police Michael Wodu sexually harassed a senior six teenager who had gone to the station to report theft of her school fees.  She instead ended up routinely preparing meals at IP Wodu's residence.
4.  A week earlier in Tororo, Inspector Gerald Kasedhe raped a female victim of domestic violence on gunpoint at the station. As a community Liaison Officer, he had been mediating between the victim and
her husband. 
5.  In February 2017, the DPC Mukono, Boniface Kinyera deliberately shot and fatally injured a civilian he allegedly mistook for a robber.  Since when did a whole DPC chase robbers!!!!
6.  One day ago an 11-year-old minor, Solomon Opoi of Dokolo district died in a police cell after he was tortured by the police for theft of a sachet of fruit juice.

What about a recent government report that lay it bare that 503 people had been shot dead in Uganda in the last three years using legal and illegal guns.  Also, that 1,477 (Security Min, Gen. Tumukende inclusive) had survived with fatal gun wounds. If Gen. Kalekyezi can, why not Gen. Kony.

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