Monday, April 3, 2017

Infringement on freedom of speech consistent for #Uganda govt @StateHouseUg

Last month when Ruhakana Ruganda was in media telling Ugandans to go abroad and seek Greener Pastures, he was telling Ugandans the following that if you do not like:
  1. Unemployment, get sold to Arabs and go scrub floors and wash dishes since the degree you got from Uganda is useless.
  2. If you cannot get a job in Uganda, you need to change your name and tribe for then you would get a job right here.
  3. If you talk about the problems in Uganda, go find freedom elsewhere for Uganda has a Freedom of Speech but cannot protect you after you speak.
  4. Previously he had watched the Norwegian and Dutch governments protest Uganda exporting medical doctors to Trinidad and Tobago - medics who were educated in Uganda using donor funds.  Mind you, Uganda is on record for stealing 430 million Euros from The Global Fund and not disciplining the thieves. GAVI funds anyone?  What happened to Muhwezi and Mukula?  They got promoted.
  5. Ruhunda single handedly destroyed medical care in Uganda and then got appointed PMO, Minister in charge of Uganda business.  But you must not forget that this man went to Luweero empty handed to study hunger.
  6. Now Uganda and the World are all over the Nyanzi and Kataha factor simply because one dared to tell the truth and the other one said go eat cake.

Do not lose sight of the key issues.  The govt wants everyone to think that Ugandans are anti - regime (which we should be anyway) but we are against Graft, Corruption, Theft, Thieving, Hooliganism, Mafia, Lies, Unfulfilled promises, Wealth Creation which has rendered our people beggars.  
We are against a bastardized school system that leaves our kids half illiterate and the same system demolishes schools so that we can all become stupider than we already are.
We are against the fat Pigs in parliament, State House and all government structures who get hand shakes, big money for brand new cars while they tell us not to take Boda Bodas but also afford cars.
We are against a government that says "Drought and Hunger are good, they will wake us up".
We are against land grabbing because being an Agriculture country, most of our income is from growing food but prey tell us how to grow food when you kick us off our land and force us into IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps?
We are against unpaid salaries.  Stolen pensions.  None paid pensions.  None paid salaries.  Our children dying in useless wars. The hunt for terrorists that government has created.
Most of all, we are against government telling the youth that we are going to be producing and exporting oil in 2020 with no refinery or pipeline as major investors exit Uganda.
We are against telling the youth to join Livelihood Programs for Youth when the money is not evenly distributed.
We are against silencing the few politicians who dare speak up about our basic rights.
We have not forgotten your abuse of our journalists and raiding media houses which dare talk for Ugandans.
Most of all, we hate you destroying the lives of 75% of the population and turning our sons and daughters into beggars and snitches and they wake up and realise that they are only punching bags for politicians.

WE ARE AGAINST enguzi, nepotism, poor service delivery, no accountability, no transparency and destroying our futures and reducing us to a state of total Despair.  We are fed up with posts of Ugandans who die in the Middle East and Asia so that we can find money to fly their bodies home.  We are also tired of those of you in high positions who sell our children. 
It takes a lot of work to repair a broken spirit.  Ugandans have broken spirits and the work ahead is immense because we dare not lose hope and despair.
Martha Leah Nangalama
You cannot arrest an idea whose time has come! 

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