Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I will send the plague and the pests - #Uganda

Mbale confirms invasion of Army Worms attacking Maize
This is only a conspiracy theory but I am becoming rather good at this. 
In the Disney movie of The Prince of Egypt, when Prince Moses returned to Egypt to ask Prince Ramses to LET MY PEOPLE GO, Ramses said he would never let the Israelites go.  This is a great movie you should watch it as it is now available online for free.
Prince Moses then told his brother Prince Ramses "I will send the plague, I will send pestilences till you let my people free". 
Prince Ramses then looked in his older brother's eyes and said "I WILL NEVER LET YOUR PEOPLE GO".
Somewhere there between siblings (siblings can fight like you even have any idea) and says "All the first born sons will die".  Then Prince Moses says "Non non, do not say that".
Soon after pass over, Prince Ramses is crying over his first born son who had just died. Then Moses appears and says "do not unleash what is about to come on your people, my people.  LET MY PEOPLE GO".

Again Prince Ramses says "I WILL NEVER LET YOUR PEOPLE GO".
Not soon after, the rivers were filled with blood.  Locusts were attacking everyone.  People were dying dead like there was only one way to explain it.  LET MY PEOPLE GO!
Of course the above is dramatization but Moses parted the river and Ramses chased his older brother across a river and the river parted for Moses to deliver his people to a dessert.  I do not remember what happened in the dessert but I think that Moses did not take his people to the promised land and Egypt was left missing the former slaves.
Now you say that Uganda has got pestilences, diseases and all sorts of snakes, monkeys, roberries, murders, theft, etc...  AND the question still remains "WHY DO YOU NOT LET MY PEOPLE GO" and return to the bush because Leopards and Hyenas belong in the jungle?  You just wait till we put you in cages in Entebbe Zoo. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
If you like my jokes, remember that I write about very serious things sometimes.  This one is very serious.  If President Yoweri Museveni does not let the people go, you will be dealing with more than army worms in your maize.  NDIWULIRA

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