Monday, April 24, 2017

Gangs threaten to torch petrol stations in Luweero - #Uganda @IGPUganda @StateHouseUg @aKasingye @PoliceUg

Tension is high in Luweero town because of an anonymous letter that was dropped warning residents of an eminent attack on the police station and fuel pump stations in the area.

The anonymous letter was dropped near the home of Kisekka Ssaka, the LC I chairperson Lumu zone warning him and other residents of the eminent attack.

The letter, which is authored in Luganda, asks residents to relocate 500 meters from fuel pump stations and the police station to avoid being killed during the attack. It warns those who fail to adhere to the advice to brace up for the worst consequences soon as they launch the attacks.

Ssaka, says he has submitted the copy of the anonymous letter to police to take action to avert the possible attack. He asks police to treat the matter with urgency given the experience in other areas where similar letters have been dropped.
Paul Mukungu the Luweero Town Council LC III chairperson says the anonymous letter has triggered tension among residents. He asks security officials in the area to work with local authorities to avert the possible attacks.

“First and foremost, I want to alert the security institutions of this country that, let them not undermine these communications because in Masaka and other areas these guys have implemented their notices. Therefore, we should act fast and we prevent the damages which might affect the public. And then two, am requesting these guys who are unidentified who are issuing these letters, that please you leave Luweero alone.
Luweero, we have suffered since 1986. If now you are again coming back attacking police and so on, why don’t you go to other areas of this country? People of Luweero have a lot of problems, you leave us and we concentrate. Luweero has started growing steadily because of the peace we have in our area, therefore if we start issuing such letters, you are going to disorganise the development of the community of Luweero district”, said Ssaka.

Sam Kato, a resident near Don fuel station in Luweero town, says he has nowhere to go and asks police to deploy heavily around the station to avert any possible attack. None of pump fuel station managers was willing to comment on the warning.

Paul Wataka the Luweero district police commander has confirmed receipt of the anonymous letter, adding that he has deployed criminal intelligence officers to gather information, which may help to avert the attack.

Wataka says they are treating the threats seriously given the incidents in other regions. According to Wataka, they will heighten security at the fuel stations and also place officers on high alert to repulse any attacks.

The anonymous letters that first appeared in greater Masaka and Mbarara areas several weeks back. They have recently surfaced in Kampala suburbs and Wakiso districts. In Masaka, criminal gangs warned of another impending attack against 14 area leaders.

This morning, the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura paraded over 100 suspects he accused of masterminding the attacks. Interestingly, one of the suspects arrested for the wave of insecurity in Masaka, Kampala and Wakiso districts, Juma Muyirwa pinned police officers for knowingly providing protection to criminal gangs.

Kayihura says if there is any police officer involved in the attacks will be brought to book, adding that police has information that there are also some politicians using the same criminal gangs to terrorize residents with the aim of discrediting government.

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