Sunday, April 30, 2017

#FreeStellaNyanzi country's darling forever #Uganda

My dearest sister,

We miss you terribly and you know you are very much loved. I am writing to you this letter with a pain I cannot describe without big words. You know which big words I mean. The kind that can get me banned from the Internet.

So the dumb idiot ruled that you must go through the mental test test. Do people know that your lawyer was right that this mental test to designate a person as mental was invented to silence voices of dissent?

You know very well that all the global media has run stories about you. We thank them very much. Ugandans have kept your light burning on Social Media. WhatsApp will be arrested. In fact Al Jazeera nailed Jarukanga in Qatar about you. You should have seem him squirming.

Surely you miss your babies. What a punishment for a mother. Who even does this? Only a dumbecile and a blood sucker like Chemical Ali and his God Father Hitler aka Jarukanga.

One time I was hospitalized when I had a 6yr and 9yr old. It half killed me but I was afforded the opportunity of their father bringing them every Friday and stay for the weekend. I frankly cannot even begin to think of your pain or your children missing their mother. Your children are so young it makes no sense that anyone could keep a mother from their child.

This past week was terribly awful and I wrote about it. Many bad things happened but I will spare you those stories.

Please understand that no matter how many diversions are thrown at us, we are not letting you fade off our bichupuli, bibiriti, smart phones, Nokia and computers. The problem with Uganda is forgetting. We forget rather too quickly and this is the play ground for him who shall not be named. We forget about hundreds, thousands and millions of slaughtered people.

One thing we need to understand about Uganda is the desperation. People are hungry. I watched a video which I would never have watched till a friend insisted that I do saying "these are your people". Our people were eating termites. Who even does that? Upon inquiring I was told "people in Uganda are dying of hunger and these termites will not last long". My people are eating ants while I choose not to eat. Some people in Eastern and Northern Uganda are digging up roots, fetching wild fruits and eating leaves like in The Gods Are Crazy. Our people have never been bush people and would not know which tubers or leaves are safe to congest.

When you reduce a population to nothing, you condemn them to death and subservience as well as beggars and slaves and voiceless. Shaaa! President Yoweri Museveni has condemned Ugandans to death and he has no excuse about it because this is intentional impoverishment. Our people should stand up and fight but it is very difficult to fight when you have gone days without a descent meal.

This impoverishment will also explain why there were no riots in Kampala. One would assume that it is because the people were weak. WRONG. They were much too weak from being hungry and being despaired. Their spirits are broken. A broken spirit is very hard to repair and it will take us 3 decades to do this.

As you know the religious leaders were missing as usual when there is injustice. You will remember when prayers were banned and they all lost their voices. You will also remember when hundreds of innocent people were slaughtered in Kasese and these pretentious religious leaders remained mute for weeks. Do you remember in December 2015 when bodies of young youth were dumped on the beaches of Lake Victoria? I know you also remember the Bundibugyo killings which left over 100 thrown in mass graves. AHA... there is an idea. Since they collect so much money from the gullible termite eating Ugandans, how about they buy the pads for the kids? Do they need those gas guzzling SUVs these bayaye? Their day of reckoning is nigh.

Many other things happened. Termites and ants are now the cake for the hungry a la airhead woman. Then Desh and his accomplices got acquitted for having killed a young man. Who will mourn for Badru Kateregga? But sister, get this. Ugandans are all over Facebook praising Desh for his business acumen. Are we all STUPID? Not only that but partying at the club smeared with the blood of Badru (Panamera). Who even does this? If these people will not see something as horrible as giving your money to a murderer as a problem then they deserve to have Banus Jarukanga rule them for life.

We had the business of Andrew Rugasira get closed then re-opened a few days later. Man, we need friends in high places. And I had just slammed the killing of cooperatives too. The business of Kanyanvunza was closed but the dude is in jail anyway. OR is he? We know he is gonna get acquitted.

The #AprilRevolution flopped just in case you are wondering. Well, we do not see any signs of it. Then those kids who lied to us that they are UPFF and SCOF... we can be so gullible you have no idea. Then the killings by Pangaliyas.. Just never assume they are rebels. These are state sponsored murderers to instill fear in Ugandans and make them sing "please please stay..only you can give us that piece you brought for us"... Tumbafu! People are so hungry. Three days without a meal you have no strength to go into the streets and even throw a molotov cocktail. Well, you would not even have money to buy the damn petrol. So we are screwed royally.

I also love you. Keep well baby. It will be over very soon. We are gonna do a jail break. Where is Pastor Ngabo when we need him?

Martha Leah Nangalama

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