Friday, April 21, 2017

Employees must never assume that they are irreplaceable - #JOB #Employment

I normally write for Uganda managers, supervisors, business owners and supervisors because Uganda has a very high unemployment rate and bosses assume employees owe the company for having a pathetically low paying job.  You are wrong on this one but read my past writing.
Today it is for employees all around the world who think they are so good they cannot be replaced.  If you do not believe that you can be replaced, contact Bill O'Reilly, FOX's O'Reilly Factor.  At least he walked away with a bronze parachute of $25 million.  You also have CEO's who go away with golden parachutes some to the tune of $400 million.
If you are unlucky like moi, you will get maybe get $10,000 or nothing and wish you had kept your CV up to date.
Why you are replaceable is because your skills have also been taught in other schools to other people.  Your skills have also been taught by other employers to others.  Your speciality is likely being incubated in China or Brazil as we speak.
All companies have an organisation chart of key functions / roles.  In each box, there is the role and then they just slot in a name.  So, if you get hit by a bus or get thrown under the bus, the company only has to pick someone in the same company who has skills like you and hasta la vista baby.  OR they will put up an AD and get people.  Even better, they will hire a SEARCH firm to find them the right candidate for the position.  Usually these are for high end executive kind of jobs but some of us like IT nerds can be replaced by a kid earning half the salary working longer hours from even the local university or some kid in India earning 10% of what we are paid in Canada.
As much as we need employers to treat us well, we must also not take employers for granted.  Companies lose money when their assets (employees) do not play their part.
In the mean time, of course as usual, learn.  Use every opportunity to learn.  Read. Keep studying. Take evening or weekend courses.  Never stop learning.  People in IT know this very well because the technology changes so fast one can no longer say they are a certified Nortel Engineer (what happened to that company anyway?).
Today it is Nortel, tomorrow it is Avaya and next month it will be Lucent or Nokia or some other Contact Centre hurry come up.  The key is if you have been reading and learning, nothing will take you by shock.  For a fact in IT, the only thing that has remained constant is SQL.  Structured Query Language is forever and then of course everything is built on top of that.  If you are in IT, you should familiarise yourself with BigData and Analytics because these are the it and require solid skills in databases and security.
Then of course we have some CEOs who say only they have the vision until they die in a trench like a rat and leave their country in a total mess and in their grave they wonder what they were thinking to say only they had the vision?  If you do not believe this, ask Sadam Hussein or Gadafi. But of course, President Yoweri Museveni is the only Visionary though.  Look at the sheep he is leading.  So, this one might not suffer the fate of some others who shall remain nameless because at least he has his own army, treasury and found his own oil.
Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

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