Friday, April 21, 2017

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Today our WhatsApp group brought up education, a subject which we find fascinating. Someone mentioned the Nilotic English Books.  Not sure if I read them though given my broken story of education but how is your own Minister of Education anyway?  Like me she also dropped out of school.  School is not for everyone.  More so if you marry the president and appoints an illiterate for a Minister of Education, the backbone of a developing country.
In our days, Mrs. Masette used to read for us a silly book.  "The man in a coat takes his goat in a coat to market to buy a coat for his goat".
I have no idea how many of us were that stupid.  We had market days in Bududa (used to be Manjiya Country" and we had Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday.
Imagine a bunch of idiots trecking to all the markets (long walks or more like running for hours) to see which fool was bringing a goat to market to buy a coat for goat.
Then one time she said we had to germinate.  We did not know we only had to put the beans or maize in a cup or glass of water and watch them germinate.  So most of us went home and asked for a bit of land to germinate our seeds for our school assignments.
Parents were not easy that time because most ended up making us plant real food in real soil to watch it grow. So every day after school, we run home and go check on our experiments.  Then we fetch water in jerry cans to water our seeds to ensure they germinate.  We did not have mobile phones or we could have taken pictures and videos.
Imagine some 3 weeks later, these things grew.  You go to check on your patch and the damn beans and maize have risen out of the ground.  It was awe!  Then they grew up.  You have never seen such learning when a child harvests their beans or maize.  Later we graduated to planting carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and things like onions. That is how farmers were grown.  That is how children learned.
Today you take land away from families.  You do not pay teachers.  You do not provide great books.  You teach silly things like Chinese or claim you are gonna do it and watch your kids graduate barely literate and then lament about how they are being sold to Arabs as slaves.  BUT what do you do about it?
A country which destroys education and disrespects teaches will pay a price for generations. Great teachers made you who you are.  WHY do you not fight for the teachers' rights, good pay and put books in all the schools and encourage reading and learning?  Uganda is a predominantly Agricultural country and yet you never thought that EDUCATION is key to Agriculture.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Respect the teacher - Education is a passion

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